August 12th, 1971, Serial No. 00051

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may have ah taking you
ah to see their picture far ah constancy
what does
a little bit
ha crucial aspect
hmm in life like a hill
so far
so from now today from ah from today and like to take you to see the paradise
but before i take you i will take you are to see the pile nice
ah one more did you try to cedar the picture by trousers are briefly
in the like of for transparency
gay layers many layers of
covering over you
ah is gradually
kicking off one by one

if you
look at yourself in the mirror
what is called try vinci
are you will find
many things would you have never noticed before
what managers crick crack little bit louder
from spots over it here
i think but before you see yourself in a mirror
you believed you believe that my nose is beautiful
but the moment when you see yourselves seen your nose in a mirror
i think got one for layer layer on the decoration
is taken off immediate wow
may know thing
hey terrible my nose is cook
what shall i do
may i may have a giggle racing
as can do yourself yes or no
this minutes away of a good them must i asked him

there must say stay with it
the picnic
not any way in doesn't in the practice of valley you will find out to face many things
you have never ah noticed before
then the more the more you practice heart
in gradually the layers of the decorating or were you
is gradually taking off one by one
and then last
there is nothing to get to preserving it
vic of to you
who prefer nothing but why are you that you believe yourself i am thinking according to the one popular suppose you i am thinking therefore exist i exist
you know you always practice hi the in first to see you were you feel so good because experience sort of enlightening why you have
the second time third time first time luck
the secedes killed

but reality is completely opposite to you expectation from the day
the more you practice zazzle complete be their lives nothing to get
you should remember this point it
the after you understand this point you are with you if you weren't to practice he says get cisco i will recommend you to plug love it but if you don't like this if you don't understand this point
they you start for zazzle
think i'm sorry for you you were fine disappear
because there is nothing to get
just sit
so when by were know
one by one something something ah
lead you could kick off pick off
i beautiful dress
are you were won by work
the moral you the more you practice loving heart
you will find this point
now ask you realize there is nothing completely to get
then that turn when you will become on like guy in casper live tv comic you know that casper
who is i give complete a kid to the you are completely ah transparent in a tight skin
but fortunately the a day it is not came for the casper to have for some for me
like this with you can see you
but in your case
that is completely know for with you tennessee
so you are like a person more than more than the catholic
you cannot see yourself for i am
that term you very surprised and the you are upset
when you give up a magazine in you are looking out for some better place with bring you
to feel comfortable
then someone got that the tape mountain to live blow by himself
but a and say the even a deep mountain is one on for transit
one of the the in the mango them a true triumphant what we appeared
so you will realize you will realize the same things as same experience as you have excused in city life
saying that is completely nothing to get
all you have to do is to support yourself that's all
you know a dinner date one by one
you know what is what is it what is it a what what i need you to take off did you take off
layer layers of the declaration day-in and day out what is it
i think this is called transit
niigata them with it you write one dislike
trying vinci try it will try to take off your dress one by one with rick without reserve
then at that time you will become a prison food is completely transparent
even though you ask me to sell for i am who i am
and it's nothing
in one did
trousers he trying vinci as mentioned gathered day his time in its make nature with by what everything everything change woman at the moment
this moment it for a at this moment is this moment is one of four seventy five fifth all for second i said in indiana date
let's imagine this time when you kick but you could be you can see it you can conceive
then all sentient beings appearance and disappearance in the two men of this time moment
this moment need you to take off the can dress one by one without reserve with that reserve

then that time you feel sad you feel is pair then some of you are commit suicide jumping off the boarding gate which
in some of you are will be completely upset and
ah lives this can
i'll take him to
ah speech or mental hospital in an up
some view if some of you if the listen for
who is we is not surprised when is not upset and sec
and what himself with
duguid t complain
i hope he will be he will be survive in this world
as one human be
who exist in the domain of transition
ah well anyway and the domain let's imagine this moment
the in the men want the moment
your life change your lives changes made quick be quick
ah you cannot completely
put a certain ideas this is category in
put you cannot be eternally insert
any kind of fun ideal or notion of philosophical ideas already to five years
into this moment
because and a very fast
you can say you turn and say wait a minute
the through and say wait a minute
you cannot say were made when you are about to
for about two four dance from the top of the hell
why asked it
your terms that you to say to yourself with minute at mit
ah let me in a the you say i want i want to meet me i want to make me understood to flam
please wait a minute and cut the gate you
but am fine
the time is a quick
then next moment i have to die inside for category
complete me i cannot insert in insert any kind of ideas into my life
my life which i exist in the domain will turn to the in the domain wall
it would time
this crime is mac the conceptual time with you are you uj supposed saying travel hours a day
training for cleaning for our day
in a series of the time this term is going on from the beginning to the end with a certain type of file purpose
i am i have a help getting in zinsser then i have to follow the schedule then i have to the when when the pine cone then next when the when the time when that is over i have to stand up and
and walk sly this is kind of this is time would you are thinking what you would you think
but the time the time with i am talking about it's not
mary follow
the time would you are supposed
this term is
not to catch
this time is completely not caught by anybody
for from this point
in on the
though where i am where am i reading we are am my living
in the domain may myself my word
what in the domain of
and certain confession which is called category
we're in the domingo a certain concepts in which is called than teacher
i don't think so
i don't think for you think so

even though i think i am teacher or zen center
sometimes i feel all him that i may not deserve to be called teacher or teacher or than santa needs for you call me noisy
theme funny what who is was
who call me at why should be
but rate we are you i get used of calling me like you then i said yes
the woman when i say when i say yes whoops
you know roissy
i feel i feel i mean i deserve to be cool rice you
but there's took his speaking in the right of the in the length of the trousers he can is no conception you to insert to be inserted by
a certain idea
even the name of company in the title able the petition cold teacher observation
i tried to pair and myself
in light of the transit see
a trans nc take off my graph my one please take of the dress named a teacher with and sarah please pick of address named ah category
chris take off the dress code roissy
a brief pick out dress named teacher
then last that is completely nothing then i said to my said to myself why am
who am i
when there is no copy no teacher not conventional teach you
then i realize that there is just trying vinci just transition
time this conceptual time
do you think for the you understand this point
so from this point i am not company i am time at an tournament
young thug
i am tournament i am pine
poor wounding of not only i bought or for you you aren't time you are trying vinci turns it
zen center is it
zen center is not inventing it then it is transit than a is being kind
nice haul
for this point everybody leave anyway exist in the domain of transience transparency or pie by what everything changes everything changes moment after moment
we're nobody insert any photo concept in into it
oh you have to the eighth gift from gift to nilayam panic and top
rely upon it
nobody hundred
this is trans a c k
then ah
i am if i say if i may say
that i am trying bit
i am in the demand more transparency or time but like everything changes

at the same time
i can i can't tell you you exhaust also in the domain of the tongue will be all time in its neck nature by watch i'm looking at changed
let's module
where you can name when you can be
with together
which together in peace with
in the domain of confession created by you created by me
created by judy was created by the president nixon
created by the japanese emperor
i don't think far
able will oppose the neck phone or present at that the japanese emperor and are also in domain of the transparency and sorry for them
my name is to
us to so from the literally as convent
a dog in transit
the second when you bought i gave us a tangent
oh they comfortable the one ear bud
don't compare you with buddha or neck full price and napkin and gap november
do the skies i will only exist in the mail constancy please relax
okay this is the place where are we running exist in peace just only one place
if you want to get freedom
the lease
nothing but
the chances
the world abundance convince that's all
so in the domingo
the transition
oh these
the only one place where
human being and all sentient being exist in peace with together
ah the least wonderful place
we're the person named cut the guinea can exist
the rating with
need rating with other people
the dating web
the president nixon the second one in bora and organs oh thank him being
tomorrow that point i doesn't exist along
i named cut the gay doesn't exist on
what i exist is what i exist connecting with you president nixon japanese emperor dogan shell company buddha
or dog and cat tree mountain sky stop
so the place where you live where i live
at the penny a permeate permeate every into every inch of this word no not on the into my word but also into others world
i is
i must i must realize myself
in the domingo presidency time
where i can rescue myself the over there
where i can relate with not only myself but also with
oh think you be
in the only one place named presidency
i can live long and at the same time i to leave with together in peace
this is only one place where i can't leave completely on and at the same time i can't leave with
together in peace
so from this point the time is plan is to lead you to meet you separate
foam allow's
woman after moment
if if trump vent word and at the same time this time
permeate into every into an inch of the word universe
so the conceptual time and a big transversely have to
ah to aspect of its nature
one nature is to cut off into
between you and i am teach and am kentucky
these nor up between two and the nature is to connect with each other
this is the nature the time and this is time or didn't now conception of time in its neck nature the other words it is called transparency transits it it's called moment
young stand this point
for instance let's imagine there are two sentences
japanese are human beings
americans are human beings okay
gap human beings conception confessional human beings consider as universal universal idea universal truth

the japanese and american live together in peace
in the domain of universal conception unit rosso to
consider as human beings
but the other hand japanese are japanese
k japanese art japanese americans are malkmus
but through the universal conception through the universal truth
there is only one page fear doubt dublin is an american live together in peace
when they each other
see into the depths of human beings based on transparency based on being in its make nature but what everything changed moment afternoon hey
the you understand so it's it's not mrs sign to to upset
when you see just one asked one side all one side which transcends the possesses
which means cut off into
woman afternoon
in terms of in terms of one side of the tendency
it always take pics of dress
where you are you were
one by one
every time when you practice hard
and then last varies completely nothing to take off dress and that time you can a t regiment that and that time you can connect you to
can connect with yourself and with autonation being others with warm hearted warm hot warm hearted phoebe because you can understand yourself
very deep very deep what human being is very human being lip
where is
we're there is
possible for human being to exist in peace
not within the concession principle of communism or humanism
now within the principle of buddhism now within the principle of christianity
only within the two men of the transition you can live together in peace

jan this current this is very important point
when you realize
the doesn't
giggs nothing to you
if you feel i want to continue to practices or then
at that time you can settle yourself aren't yourself with tablet like a big mountain

because you can realize yourself
who is existant in the domain of transparency where you cannot do you can completely insert any kind of for conception into it
if an angle category if name even a conceptual doesn't even conceptual buddha m the conception of god
greeley nothing then why should i do

ah this is the bay fundamental
her aspect of transit seat
ah then dogan than says
the being time means that time is been good
as thinks he is time
as it is time it has the grandeur of time so everything is decorated decorate the by time not conception of ideas not conception of name of carnegie naval for density
a new one for doesn't conception of zazen conceptual border
to everything is covered everything is covered is covered with
time on the time on the only one transit the
so if you say the word if you see you on
the constancy occurs transit the old cars at time or cars
link in your whole life
they use car to walk one by one

it is not
it's not the mysterious the concession
k it is not mysterious conception of time what transit nc
next the are questions
well if
everything everything is existant
in the domain will translate see what you can see what you cannot grasp
what make a tendency would make
i would make ah what appear would appeared
this been this big look would appear this be
you understand well yes i understand the doesn't and i exist i exist in the demand more transparency in the domain of time by what everything you change movement of the moment yes i can understand
are you can understand
but what appeared see would appear what rise
what rise the transparency on a time in its neck nature but what ah but what everything changes
see that time the in utero sense
that there is very interesting subject well what is why is time rice time raised transients then philosopher day-in and day-out the search for what time is
ah they tried to thesis on time on time
because he the eyes already that there is already ah he not execute i he
i'm side
this is you to sense if if you do sense which everybody ah what everybody is interested in researching
for the fucking for exist in some time
oh existence of trans or existence of the avenge were existence of category why existence of
tim or bob
so you ask always for am who is cacti what is doesn't what is buddha
because you already allow yourself allow yourself that the these there exist
i the i named cut again
as object
that's why i currently search who i do then
i created are analyzing
who i am well i am cut the you
oh where are where are you born low i was born in the period when are you want if nineteen wow i forgot
linking to the sometimes need thirty two
because my history says he could hit a muslim history says had the gay was born nineteen twenty eight normal gather master of history says cutting a was born in
ninety thirty two are you sure yet history says
i don't care
it when i was born
we i am i good idea i know i analyze myself
where i was born when i was born
now when i was what our where i come from well my father he is named cut at cannae my i know my father name i is named cassie jaye my mother is named kenny oh
how many brothers do you have
then you such a country getting on
because i look at myself as object

but what is he
don't make at
myself in that way
when i am too as to myself who i am i can tell you can tell what well and exist looker death
what guess that's all
because i can leave eyes from the bottle of my wide
who i am
before i realized well before i realize who i want for i am
what am i hearing
here i can tell me anything at all
then the is to or something to be on turn and she
what appear would appear to be
doesn't then safe
just rising
rising appears be it's a very interesting this is very important point raising raising appear the rising appear been writing appeared nc
or in earth appearance appear be
okay so appearance appear i named kentucky
completely speaking welsh
no answer you can make this
my top
before i eyes
bougainville fish
rising and rising appear the i
at this is very important point then what appear
what appeared appeals
would appear appearance
dogan then says
what a time has come appear the appeals
this is very different very different well understanding the human being human word
between the buddhism and another the deserted and pursue a another scientific will understanding convey different

so appearance not be what the that the time that time has come appears appeals
so if for what is what is the time what what is a time has come what is the winners' cup
it appears
with no purpose
it appears just by turns
without any reason
the that any reason

that time or do you think
and that time
dogan then says know i i don't think not i i don't i don't save dogan then said to has to says
it's pretty difficult to translate this concession but anyway in did
ah in
it in using a particular technical term
ah a teacher or a note part of the a teacher and party in sanskrit which is code ah which is code
with the condition origination condition or mean plainly speaking test conditions so conditions appears that reality the time has come okay
our please keep in mind ah my top is all
but today please keep in mind
what is different between the ballistic way of understanding and your understanding which you are you to the supposed
k for snc if you see if you look at the water here fee
you see oh yes this is war then your mind though your mind compel your ah be curious of what what is now what
then the or curiosity comparable to research to funny what ways
looking at the book
okay looking at the word first in dixon i what the world war i is wow what it is water
and next the you look at the book
ah you look at the word in dixon i have and scientific dixon eyes what the chemical addiction on this one is water well what it is combination of hydrogen or a why
oh ok or augstums see ah this is war i epic this is one
see why you why why
how why is it you can discern city in that way
before you decide what what it is you already allow
existence or water here
consider as object
would i exist here and then you look at water and search
what is worth it is called ontology okay it is called entourage
target is always to allow the existence of something in front of you first and then the search
but buddhism don't follow you know life
of course buddhism doesn't ignore existence of water but the purpose of buddhism is to save all sentient beings from their suffering first this is first important point on target
is the purpose of ontology the purpose of scientific will understanding is
to have a third nice okay to have full knowledge to allow something to exist
consider as
which has its own some schedules that's why you can allow you can allow something to exist in front of you this is ontology so war why is combination of oxygen and
i said comfort
but buddhism don't look at in norway
buddhism look at buddhism tell you well
fy i'm if i were fish
if you ever fish look look and this one
the fish think whoa it is now war it is my house
it is my word
but you say or no no no
nor on this is it is not to house for you this is water
for human being to drink
what to fame for three same sometime the in summer
or angel
lives in the bottom war fire ocean
ah where the this beautiful castles
it says he says on what a is not water water is
trader what it's tragic
so how to to tell the truth with to ways for
this for you say you so
it is one which says it is now worth
the angel says it is now more it is treasure
the other day i mention you listen to music bar
some of you away derided in a lot in listening to the music he honored to make your mind com making my com
to read your life to live your significant live
then listen to the music bar wow
it make you come make you federal yourself
but i listened to the music bar why
please stop playing music
sit but then when the south please stop
because the bohai is note to baja make me noise
what is movie bar so you says stupid
hey how about or about the study study music barham war bastard

this is great

if you want to save yourself from your salary
please accept any kind of conception coming from using by her
coming from conceptual water
don't say don't say hey you took it
study war this bunker buster
if i say please stop playing music yes sir that's enough k
this is very important
because the important point is a important point for us he ordered to save ourselves from our something at present not tomorrow not in a few days not in the ears not in several years
right now
how to face water how to face water
okay how to face new the bar
this is way who opening new eyes that's all
someone saved from this point from and says hey fatty more years sure they you should study baja that's okay
important point is
ah how to face important it is not
what baja use new music bar is what what it is
the arising and not analyzing subject all water what exist vividly
you have to accept everything wouldn't exist a vividly when you pick up something and look at in forum you like this is not to exist vividly
it is conception sort of concession photo ideas
that's why buddhism tell you always
look at first if you lead that the lotus sutra shakyamuni buddha says come to me
come to me up your eyes look at yourself with opening realize this is very important but you don't understand this short sentence even though you lead again and again
tacoma buddha says always come to me
and look at yourself with open your eyes and then many bullets many body fat was togethers you ordered to listen to his lecture that's one wonderful
gay if you look if you go there and look at yourself with up new i will that kills you can save yourself from me or something
but your mind is always getting on in different directions you your mind is always making a taking take picking up function
okay this is a different point between
buddhism and our usual since huge orphans
okay that's why
delhi's buddhism tell us that there is nothing to tell you
so cause subtitles which everything's
everything could have
if you pick up a woman when you pick up the is some subsidies so slashers kate
so you have to always
she if there're there on the seventy students eighty students
who has practiced doesn't for sixty days now
each of them have different
towards the doesn't
some says on sisi's nonsense
someone says aziz west of time
once the seas make me pc
susie's make me pay
doesn't make me upset
doesn't make me realize nothing
doesn't make me sensitive reverse to see something
to see something you know you look at you look at me well then we'll look at me walk off the hook up me
don't take anything from me
devil or the who is about to take our something for my decide well
please stop taking out
to tell a different way of understanding okay
sometimes some of us or doesn't make me
ah fantastic word wow beautiful many beautiful body fat was
many beautiful really is appears
you know get his way beautiful common in japan i saw it
the kapa kapa his sorrow for human being a nuts so human being capa
do you know the cuppa
the couple has a couple lives in the liver it is said capa
lives in the liver
food is miss choose
ah he's way interested in picking up picking are taking taking down there
children's legs if days fame in the labor he
then they oh i don't know what he will do
but anyway and a set and they he he has a big plate
ah filling the water
if the water dry out she must die
so he's always keep the water reaches head
and the he has a mouth looks like a monkey miles
like this
makes it knows is right

i forgot

ah well well well was i
but cartoon
oh yeah that's right
in a discomfort the ladies comfort beautiful already couple capa
one day that dues us in
i think several several beautiful lady cuppa coppers i do do zazen under the under the tree he says one of them ah carry the tosa cool
behind them this
then i see go yeah
then somebody was nursing coming out and then this comics it deal draw draw the pictures for another ladies who friday you know they come into the one for one
one of far the conference
compass head who at that time do call
i think i hit the hemp
get this comic this is
so low doesn't make you so they make you beautiful
doesn't meet you
ah playing in a beautiful word
with beautiful ready
by anyway there are different if you if there are hundred pupils hundred people there are a hundred different will understanding
that's why we are with fighting you know to cut the word
there is nothing they got to consider as one word
which has which has its own conception
if water in
pino and everybody look at in the same way no troubles more trouble
not all
no fight with each other's why is that we have to all his fight
because they're a hundred different will understanding water understanding all essential be why we have to fight
thank you