April 2nd, 1982, Serial No. 00150

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just the ten
ah teeth teacher law
from i took the kenny to or jumped the credit to
a final question
the constitute
another book
he waits
ah the craft was so great for me sad
is stressed
from that they excuse me from ten to twenty two twenty two
from chapter ten to check the credit to and also introductory introductory
cause the to another group
watch the purchase of great but he sat really stressed
according to the history of the formation you this got a soup
so the packed objected to
two or chucked and nine
ah quest to another first to the first group in waves a buddha teaches buddha teaches a shit about her voice a shit about can critique boy sat
who would ah
awaken to himself as a poor
individually buddha gave
how but i guess so
a production to them
but a day from took the pin
right to choose the great party side
so you can see
what is the practice some great bodhisattva and those so
what is their significance so or bodhisattva practice

so mendy the until chapter nine
at this group always emphasizes unity awareness so far tubes
unit you for three vehicles cinnabar car and practicable the body circles
always emphasizes one miss so personal work
so soil for it was to ask the throw from lotus sutra
the kids took the ten teacher law
at that time the word and on one addressed to be eighty thousand great leaders through the body sad the medicine buddha taught
buddhist that to speak to medicine king
the a why the a t thousand great leaders year around this bodhisattva
so medicine king do you see in this assembly a new innumerable gods drugs and king a yeah shes gonna come down go down was the schumer's girl who does the king nice mama cause sick human and non-human
on beings as well as sub because some because your knees male and female laid the parties seekers after should about a ship or seekers after party couple of work to seek us out the body sock the ship and secrets after
brokered so i think amount the eighties thousand and three leaders there are many kinds of for human beings there including human beings and also god guides and dashi was condoned or
you should be exist there
so he said to he said to medicine king do you see them anyway
awesome things are all such beings as these in the presence of the buddha air they fear a single verse or a single word of the wonderful love flowers to try and even by a single
i thought to derive and dividing it i predict that they were all at ten perfect environment so prediction or
the great enlightenment is open to now we be pretty critical bureaus are sentient beings
the buddha the buddha game advanced medicine king moreover after the extinction of the too tired of there be any people who hear every single verse or a single word of the wonderful lol
flower sutra and by a single thought to delight in i also protect for them perfect enlightenment again that there be any who they see and king keep the and decide
i'd expand and a copy even a single verse of the wonderful law flowers to try and knock upon the sutra with rate of reverence and a why the buddha and make offerings to it in various ways with
flowers perfume got garland sandal powder perfumed are on
i'm quince instance for burning silk and canopies banners flags of garments and music swells be weird mere at with for the the hands
so here this is so even a single word a if not even you hear a single word you'll receive a single word
what key read and decide to expand and copy
even a single burst of the this sutra
ah well surely become
ah this is really strong expression in a lot of sidra so if you read this chapter wow you really believe how wonderful run a search phrase that's why nutrients cause people's the really depend on
on this on a suit
the tokens also uses they often not a super and this pack wrote a suitable time
the hundreds
our bodies that was spirit in a different way
way interesting but knitted and school pupils really depends on army dollars to because lot of simply if you need a strong suit
you really believe what i'm we simply is best so you can read be there and also
you are really impressed by each single turn
it's so
have you like
the yeah is a single one
point de vue
we have to receive and keep be seen and keep and decide
every day you decide if not when pablo
we see i keep completely see accept though sutra and really site every day instead of just reading silently so the is vey nice
this is ringing passive practice and expand and also copy this is not on the the buddhism by aids came for the region
well just a history
not a copy of for copies of sutra and bible six seven
so and if the single verse of the wonderful lot of suit
look upon this secret with relevance as the air it was a good as well as buddha you have to do here
you have to this pack gonna suit offering many things in many ways
so here is a garment flats and the music etc
ah no medicine came these people have already pay homage to ten mediocre me a codicil brewers and i'm a buddhist performed the upgrade bombs or are comes
passion for all living beings they are born here among men so
oh what you can see and cheap and dirty and they decide to expand and copy even a single verse of wonderful sutra on the sutra
means that you had practiced you had and looted you have were looted nice good class in past and the lot of tourists often
this respect them and offering many things in many ways that way you can have this can practice of reading reciting copying gonna sneak know one thing so
the fact what you can practice here there and listening the doing does in studying buddhism is really great body because so it's comes from anyway
ah or past life
it's it's not very you can't believe but data is really understanding in its are we great torrent
good now
i'm no
lol to say
lotus sutra always understand the human being in know
the universal perspective past present future
medicine came a debbie any people who asked you what sort of living beings will become buddhas in future worlds we should show them that don't
who who were system they become buddhas in future want
oh a whale for air my good sense and good dollars receive and keep read and decide fixed man and copy even a single word the lotus flower sutra and make offerings to it in various ways
with flowers perfumes it said perfumes carlin's and sandal power power program or am i wouldn't say incense for burning said canopies patterns two fags garments in the music as well as the us to
with folded hands these people will be looked up to buy all the words and as you pay homage to to tower does ah so should do pay homage to them
know these people are great body cyclists who have been accomplished perfect indictment and out of compassion for all been beings
are willing the born in this word and widely proclaim and expand wonderful law flowers so this is merely spirit of the body sad when great for the start not nearly
funny sad great for the which so that's why bullet says know these people are great for the sad because one point is ah
they are wooing the born in this world a of for staying in their ah and the act of the stage of perfect enlightenment they are waiting the born coming back to humor will
third and second point is why we anywhere park claim expand the one love flowers sutra or in in his lifetime all lifetime he they are willingly anyway proclaim for
claiming and expounding is not a suitable bay widely
you've seen the a right
that is really boring sat
how much more those who are perfectly able to receive keep and in every way pay homage to
ah no medicine came and these people were all of themselves and band
the recompense of their to fight calmer
ah recompense so
they are purified com so basically these kind of body for have really are two five com base crew basically everyone a everyone is they
wonderful human being wonderful beings creature
none own people that buy or being somebody bodyside for you many ways
so if you can have a chance to see if you can have mine your mind even a little bit to listen to buddha's teaching or to lead this kind of for senator or to dues as in
he's really a great pity find com would you have that where you can do theirs
but nevertheless the great body sagged by abandoned though recompense
all the air purifier com
as whereas abandoning
the perfect enlightenment what they have reached by their and for
so after my extinction are a pity for all living beings will be born in the evil war and while we proclaim this sutra if these good science and good daughters i've been my ex
extinction should be able even by steals
a book by scales
to preach to one person a one word of them
low flowers sutra
on this is way interesting is so much the the meteor and schools people people furniture school of they show he and sometimes they are glass there
but if you re lotus sutra where you can see her by the you can see something
on to say a glass a tent or they active tint
but here it says by scales pay quietly
you can
are you sure anyway
preach to one person even one word of the loss flowers sutra so pretty quiet claps here
by steel
so that is not only though with the word but it will instead you can teach
no these people are to director up app school abstracts sent by to tout
to perform to die diese how much more so those who include the symbols while he preached to islands so yes says know these people are too tired the apple app store society
the parcels sent by that dieters to performed dark deeds that's interesting ideas a know these people are too tired of parcels sent by to tablet
me means a few if you are out
human being who can have the mine to listen to a suitable read study and practice
are these kind of person
why not turn you to person that a the they are really great human being selected by
buddha to tell
means by to five com and he will purify come to the characters
a man all kinds of was a she will be among the all sentient beings
a spirit true the more use seriously
you practice more seriously you practice ah or you do something the more you realize you are ah
specially you will teach your person
you must be particular person must be special person
ha this and among the many people anyway
so well
even though you need a new study the police the dogan than down for scientists under the famous zen master the terroir thousand to two thousand and two marks practiced
ah only one or two person attained enlightenment and
the great success anyway
among many kinds of mass they did same things but when they one or two
it really depends on whether that's why billion dean says it's really depends on whether great determination is thorough going on at
the way naturally you really are wiping a realize realize that to you especially waspish
so that's why he says to character our posters sent by that tighter to perform tattered the deeds tell it to deeds means your what to five com
basically we are we in the purified com
how much more saw those food in great assembles why to preach to their to or two adults
medicine king able air there be some were wicked we can a person who out of for equal mind throughout the whole cobbler appears before the book and unceasing the blast from bless last week
as themes blast creams the buddha
ah hit sin it's still left
but a anyone isn't
with a single
defames that lay the cookies or monks for read and beside the law flower sutra his sin is extremely heavy so that's a really bad naturally you are
watch to as keep will receive not a super
because you get very nice to great protector amount of g your life
that is really strong spirit to come from lotta soup
so even though there are some people who blame on or remove a brain the people and the bowlers and the practice of buddhism law that see as vague as lived in lille
said but the few blame people who are crap is not a suture you are sees hey is
ah medicine can he who these and besides the law flower sutra ah know that my has a dime to serve with i don't have the buddha or that is also interesting point that man who
has a dawn dish himself with the and don't have the gluten so why do they get great protector if you study are on sutra because you have you
it though wonderful the things so cool i don't mind getting by any way through the too tight so that man that's at dawn himself with the atonement of the bullet so it's not something you try to do
all you to do is you just a walk in the path of yoga sutras teaching me anyway just one day you can anyway a darn yourself with dominant of the buddha's so it's not your business in milwaukee opposites he
is just the study and walk in the past have brought us than den
everybody know people know bout you
and so is carried by that time that we his shoulders so always see you are anyway carried by the to dad on his songs it when for situation so you are walking anyway in
a cooler
wherever he goes he should be saluted to wait hands whole heartedly for it
geared are worshipped and and a stalled and offerings made to him of flowers perfumes guns sound of powders perfumed on instance for burning still canopies balance plants god
comments are edibles and deemed a dainty is and music is another offerings so-called edibles and dainty is so food the independent
japan and asia and buddhist always offers incense and the flowers and know so the food
to the buddha
if you go to the temple
ah not shy in japan they don't offer she might but the buddhist temple and digital body sad to stand even the diesel bodies that were standing up to the corner the rod while people offer the instance and the flowers and many things and food
team food and the roof
it's wonderful
that is really
expression of human beings twat good said the boy sat with said
don't try to express their human feeding how much they is pack and we're in many ways by offering many things flowers and incense and for fools said
he sits mean that that is ready to some practice
he should be served and he should say should be served with the must extend dark things found the most men he should be a sprinkled to with destination jobs and helping make of they should draws in heaps
we are for because his men delighted to preach role the who hear it but for a moment get upon a time of the indictment
ah k
the next to sir
page hundred ninety
you can be this verse three
he watched the same things ah it's the same things i screamed yeah
ah nineteen at the one ninety
thereupon the buddha game at last the medicine king body sad to a sock saying infinite southwick committee cortex are the sutra i preach with the already preached now being preached or to be preached
in the future
and among them are just low flow to tree is the most difficult to believe and the most difficult to understand medicine came this is the mystic essential trivially of all buddhas
which must master would be just and distribute it among or reckless the delivered two men it is watchdog by buddhists work and one and form of your it has never been revealed and preach
each and this sutra why the totality is still here has aroused much enmity in nv how much more after his extinct
it is little bit strange but it's very true
so buddha already are preached that many things but what buddha has clawed his way to up to understand they mistake by essential tracery of all do
it is very difficult that's why you cannot to distribute a man or recklessly delivered
to the people you can't preach you know you can't teach role sutras to anybody recklessly
because it becomes a cause of revoking the book
revoke now
an e-book
because he bought he bought a feeling of energy and the girls the jealousy girls and jealousy and envy he said it's pretty natural

why in the history can know
it's a human being the pizzey park
ah if you see
a different done
a coucher in the differ radically different the saints appears to be naturally
all don't
a style for religion though saints and down
this create them feeling of for enmity
jealousy envy
you know the bullets missed still a crime for kindergarten in a united states because that's why people don't feel
an intimate friendly
the way naturally consciously or unconsciously a wisdom people were ah
being a guest
ha not on these journey to steal sacralized security you know
you can say car for free still south
synthesis because the cycles and sake of synthesis the same reasons in a nice sir
they really are consciously or unconsciously updates you know tried to against
oh please take whale for understanding human life
foods the southern your meditation so they try to create new kind of for meditation using or western will think in using the western work out your background anyway that's interesting not so that is really and crisis
this feeding or unconsciously we create a system for the the a jealousy envy empty
the that way if you teach that that in dogs people the you create more crowd
so that's why would a sales tactics
ah no medicine king after the two tower to is extend to those who are able to copy d read beside worship and reaper predicted to others will be invested imbibing doubt the with his rob and will be pro
protected and the member by buddhists abiding in other regions
a few of the if you are club is rather a says ah
you are invested by them by the the tighter with israel means
your existing your life he is embraced embraced ah
with the broader mean so your existence is in grazed
anyway in universal perspective anyway
i'll recovery so far how how you feel
this kind of practice or not anyway
your life is really embraced in the protect and protected and supported than help in a universe of perspective that is kind of for are planting good see
for now on the this present life for life of to laugh they still seem to splash
so that way he said down i will be invested by the to tell it to be kids rob we see swap
and will be protected and we remembered by buddhists abiding adam region where the way you may go you are there that severely capacity was bash
they show have the powers of fades and the pow resolve with a razor rooter bow
and the power so for purchase tackle when just kept that a's park all planting good sees day-by-day will whether it is really working working in the present the or not
anyways day by day so you just walk in the castle from buddhist not teaching or lot of sutra that time you can add was kind of sell the several factors may see their car so you can get the powers that
at first anyway you can get the power of the fe
are you can get the power face that means really asked are ready to security you can get power or maybe just secure and you can get the power result reason rule by this is visible wow means
oh really i speak to volition to seek for ah
we gotta be so whether it is useful or not we just the walk seek move toward that buddhist teaching
that is the power for result is a route by and the pow virtuous character this is really putting them were we're planting a good sees day by day before
the life of the life
and know the those people shall deal with the totality and that time to shout place the his hand upon the ahead and then if you do this you dwell with time to that is that practice
is the exactly to let you to dwell with attack the buddhists war
and also you are anyway
a you are already praised
ah you are already play you are already a the buddha's hand so you go out anyway embraced by for this year that way he says the to tired a shout crazies hand upon their hair
that means connelly
under all circumstances you can be calm and
parliament and see our circumstances the human beings is preached or read and decide decided or copy or it's volumes are cared when should erect i tied
char child kaitaia chechnya
all the precious seven are making it way a high a spacious and does play dead yet these taken of term here in sanskrit tied to your or not says no smoke the note
the pagoda in what suitors are deposited on this chapter on the erupting of by ted years instead of was tubers stew pass or pillows for rights
is stressed this is interesting point
well according to the history of the formation of the lotus sutra
no particularly from ten to the tend to or from the twenty two
those days are lotus sutra solely better won't just say a fog belief for believe
ah fook believe in buddhism buddhist practice are respecting pagoda
oh a stupor stew pots
invite you buddha shakyamuni his relics one lyrics are anyway each line
so and also this is one fog belief and also the miners monastic criticism criticizing monastic will live because all monks really isolated from a human
human societies so in many ways
mahayana buddhism started to find something
which was different from before that way here also
uses tight you're not as youtube pagoda or sutra not from border or was to par
why she bought us to relics is lakes are anyway enshrined so he had to means the praise pagoda was to par with in with a wage the buddhist scripture
does a store
the kind can for library and for library but in this case titan library am type of for library or a lot is
we expected just like a buddha
so completely different sense you know
this the tattoo is really different to from my the
modern sense so called right library
you use a life where your office or know the buddha you build is pack and use a library but then the asian time by anyway
library is great place
ah to run
ah buddhists way and human life song katie is really one does things with she can his packed i just take a poop
so that way he did here uses the here the here is and tqm term child to
oh for because in it the nice though whole body of the two toddlers daddy's a whole body of that tout it's now work it's not the scriptures they scooters are the
a whole body of the tat
this tattoo your should be served to be beard and and and extolled with all kinds of flowers perfumes and
he does silk canopy borrowed some need sailor if any seeing that charity or salute and worshipped a know that they they all are new to protect him like that's why i take it is
is completely different from to pass or
lawrence before
our medicine king many people there are about damon and monks and walk in the body sagged of a way of without as a while being able to see here read resigned
copy keep and worshipped his law flower sutra know that those people are not yet rightly walking in the body sagged to way but air and use them few days sutra then they shall be able to walk right in the body sad
way but yeah they don't do and it's not right for exact way that play next says if any living beings who seek and boot away either see or hear he saw the sutra and after hearing
in a believe and discern receive and the key you may know that they are near perfect the imagine so if you done well do that it's not right believe
now he's really strong message from lower section
next the why we have to do some next the lotus sutra he says this point but this point time
yeah how giving the paddles medicine king is like a man extremely thirsty and in need of water who see searches for it by digging in table land
so long as he seized dry earth he knows that the water is still far
continue his labor unceasingly he in time sees moist earth and then gradually reaches the maya
then she makes up his mind knowing that what is at hand
body sat with are also like this if they haven't heard nor understood nor being able to observe his lotus sutra you may know that they are still far from perfect in latin
if they hear and understand ponder and observe it you may assuredly know that they are near perfect enlightenment well for because the perfect indictment of everybody sat all belongs to this
this to brings out the flour meaning of tap full or partial method in order to reveal the true or real truth
the treasury of this voters frozen dairy is so deep and strong so hidden too far way that no human being as being able to reach it
now the buddha has the beer or dad for instructing perfecting bodhisattvas that it's really strong miss mysterious powers there
sylvain matter you are attracted by days
madison king if anybody sack as on killing this lots of law flowers sutra is start route doubts and fears you may know that this is how body sad
your what to say now
new fire
who put sat nearby
but it sat neill park
and that's interesting now the english term
it's kind to begin newham
we say seem put key
two mins that and new
ah parts me sir
around to our arms
kim his mind or heart
mind and heart
or thought whatever you say
the see me so
so beginner
our our team
mine in the heart
my heart
hmm that is new
a new fight
a fairly sure backers are including this sutra is starting to doubt in the fears so you may know him for are an arrogant person and seem interesting too
a few ice show backers
i'm hearing is the and is startled doubts and fears you may know him for iraq and person's uk but a few are really poorly back to come a sad when and listening on hearing the
the you become nap ireland you become boy sat through flu really why to move twilight would have teaching
you are more drawn to buy it but if you are sure markets if you show up you create arrogant that seem to still pointed
you can know that
police and dogan sign or dawkins shop or canvey if you need doggy sugarcane to harvest and exactly
pinned on is beautiful
the statement here but if you read bent on the doesn't the missing by poorer and dawkins is complete far away
from you so you know understand that time if you'd become shoe rack know you don't want to look at it you don't want to read it
sorry not extent i i i want so you don't want to set the cancer
paper to create and but if you become fully sad you are you are more drawn to on is why i don't convinces taxis what is it so you one go are getting into this seating for it i have seen to
big big difference so life a human life
devops eaten a different way
then naturally in the future people create different to get from type of what with feature
it's interesting
and next down
i have to me
fifty one offered to one pound
for one more point t v says this isn't the important point to so so far anyway this tablet emphasizing how important was sutra eggs
so he says next the medicine can a there be any good sign or good daughters who after the extinction of the to tout desires to preach this law flowers sutra to the four groups how should be created
so how should we preach this one to voters flows sutra
ah that good son or good daughter entering into a board of the to direct a wearing the rob of therapy and sitting on the throng of the doubt that should man widely program the sutra to the for groups of heroes
the aboard of the to therapy is the great compassion are we within all living beings the rob of that the tower the eighth gen two and for bearing her heart the strong that to use
the goodness of all law
established in these then with on flab gym and flashing mind to body sad and the for groups of heroes he will preach his love flower sutra so important
point is we need speech or attitude toward preaching the on roads wow there are three points used she'll be and the seat of the bodies are and tactile at the swan of the attack which means which means the
emptiness with me sam
the whiteness of for all sixteen games or doubt
and you should wear what a snob when this law which means a gentle expression in
you know
oh say
ah good comparison and hard to waiting in waiting all living beings so the rubble to that is gentle and forbearing heart
and also they should be in the buddhist room
that acer swoon a sermon will just say compassion that is a compassion a bot of that today is great compassion heart reading all the buildings so frequent so you should be first
ah in buddhists room
what jamais the great compassion compassion and heart waiting all say cheap there is very compassion
it's not a teacher ah jet that the within a particular you must be waiting all sentient beings that is a board that aboard of the part you must be there so zendo
boy if you want to sit in zandl if you teach to somebody particular person
if you think curious a particular praise it's really difficult to teach because many different theme comes up
so a preacher anyway if you want to teach something anyway you must be their first great compassion heart within all living beings next you must be set
and the as both seat you have to sit in the good a seat that these voidness nothingness news you can attach to any consequence
xyz any objects you are talking to
anyway you have to just sit down there and talk
and nasty you have to thrawn on you have to wear boots love that means pretty much be gentle and or so on were very hard because you can ignore that fact which ah
and circumstances create the lock and key changes
feeling emotions and a circumstance many things happens
so you must be accept in people's feelings emotions understanding or not understanding confusion set said
for this unique really gentle and also
for very harsh
by the hell my hasty ah let's see data while to ask a by the merchant of meet you know who want to hire him
ah but and nasty a had the interview with the sitar so what do you have what is your pass to
to get you are my way the people's names that about merely sit down and says i am i can be i can think
i can
i too fast question he was fast
i do think i can wait
i can fast that is really on
what kind but gentoo and for very hot i can think miss i can see our into decree the human world constantly from beginning to end under all circumstances anyway i can think
can contemplate anyway constant
next i can wait asked the our trucks i can wait
and also way and also i can fast so you can dog that is no consequences noughties that naughty words but he can fast
he ordered to fast anyway you must be which he must wait
he you is the practice of pricy for beer bearing heart
then a market to do understand it so that all what you want to share with all sushi place
ah kei
and down
in the bot verse
there is a good for statement years
look at the pay hundred ninety three
third mile from the pattern
this is be a bill for verse
i should any preacher of this law dwelling along in a secluded place in solitude where is no boy so you man read and beside the sutra then
i will appeal to him with a pure and low minute luminous bodies so
any creature of this law
dwelling ally in a secret place way quiet praise
in saskatoon where is no voice of human
be quiet
and a pth wreaths and decide this sequence then i will appear to you
that i will miss fuller
then i will appear to him with a pure runes by that it's really your life is in place
oh with a pure and luminous by should you forget sentences or words i would take him to his clear our creations that's one a few forget the words anywhere our period bay gentry quietly and
use distance i will tell him to his career appreciation well whenever such a man perfect being these marriage either creatures to the four groups on insecure regions lease on in seclusion
and reason besides the sutra he will august's see me when such a man is in seclusion i will send guys dragon kings yeah choose the demons spirits knowledge to be heroes of this
law that man will direct to preach the wall and expanded with that hindrance because tourists god and mind him he can cause market to to the joys we ever is close to
to such a teacher of the law world's speedway attained the good away and he who recounts a pupil of that teacher movie hold buddhists new and numerous numerous as the sands of the countries that
it's a curse
so even the quietly if you decide lead besides the surface anywhere put the accused ah
happy cake happy anyway
and protect support if you forget something he will put a guess your words that's nice easily
you don't leap
but if you understand this when even a little bit your life becomes the sole for gentle and type but if you don't believes is well you become you create of events the cause she'll work
if you become bali sadness you really feel something for pits
is a mysterious it's my last years is very real for real life if you feel if you feel so they naturally you're feeding his exact to your i don't think so
he seeks out your life so question is who gives me this due to a nice and comparison know what you know first you become you become great body sagged offer
if you read this part of them
suitors he will use should be bodies are not sure workers if you becomes you have an immediate do you create arrogance saying i don't believe that people use it's really are
is is that you should believe or you shouldn't believe what why to accept it
you should be bloody sock means why is it good assess taxes is that true why don't you quit when to move toward that
with a tyrant can do for win anyway heart and moved or this that is called the way seeking my
estate of create narratives i don't believe it i don't like it maxes impact