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im going to
several passages
we judge that it
the job to gouge
of sheboygan angel
get a in guess
so she right
to explain several passages with jr they wanted he wanted to understand what our practices
towards on
zen master says
the attainable depth of practice can be elucidated and the impassable elucidation can be practiced
this is the way or the practice mentioned by the patriarch
that statement indicates the way that the practice penetrates a verbal explanation in a burglary explanation opens into the practice
you can always practice whenever you describe the way
on them master says the
an attainable depths of practice can be elucidated and the impassable elucidation can be practiced
this is the way of the plug dismission by the patriarch
that statement indicates the way that the parked penetrates our verbal explanation and a verbal explanation opens into the product practice
calling me you can always practice whenever you describe
don't wait
it is traditionally said that shakyamuni buddha at his birth
some are verse
after watching several steps in four directions
says i alone am on it
in heavy and own earth
work is full of subject
i am saving on stage and be
from this sub
i alone i own an honor
in heaven in on earth
this is point day what i want to explain
i alone am honored in heaven on earth
it doesn't mean it is not deter
emphasis on emphasis on
yg ways
it doesn't differ too
the infatuation infatuation that shakyamuni buddha tried to take excessive pride age himself
which was born from was born in this world
it's liver it refers
the truth
how by a bull
a human be a mere yes it's not as he is boy he was born in this war not only second mini bowler each of alone is on in heavy in on earth
what i want to tell us in this now
if so in that statement that's a mean
emphasis on the infatuation that each bars tried to take an excessive pride by ourselves based on selfishness

if you need wrote sutra
there is some questions saying why it's a second will was one in this world
sintra says

bhutto was born in this word
it on to a order to
ah convince human being of
the great hall from the matter of birth and death
for the relief off
human subjects
this is the purpose of the buddhist births
a dogan
even when even talking
i come back from china
ah duncan
a says in the same way as said community pool
as soon as i arrived
i vowed to spread the dumber
for the salvation of all beings was like a carrying a heavy burden upon my shoulders
in spite of death to wait the time when the buddha dhamma might be uplifted
a liberating my desire for its spread
i am temporarily attempting to borrow the manner of prior masters drifting from place to place like a cloud or water plant
as soon as dogging lived in japan on my aunt japan
a he vowed to spread the dumb move for the salvation of all be
a mason
are they often the purpose all boutiques and my days not to get not to stuff up
ah number of off a number of knowledge into your head
he ordered to
cultivate your head
on the purpose of but it is to be fee from
your head your body
it is with discord
the most patient freedom and liberation
in this respect
the deal is only one way
to be seen from a human something
it is the way of some a salvation or emancipation while complete revelation
there is no better way to be fifth from
the salvation or emancipation or to be fee from yourself is not
to take a new form a new form of yours thought
in life
throwing away all form and all the form of your thought
if it is possible for us to be free from taking a new form of on a thought
throwing away or an old on of on the site
that is called philosophy
dialectic well understanding
mason by angle
you study the western philosophy can understand what the dialectic way on understandings
the warning back falling back upon than a pit bull or dialectic principle
you have to always teeth after a new form of a thought throwing away on form
for this we have quite a struggle for your life
this is a thorough was sort of limitation woods dialect to principal possesses in itself
where even though you can get a new form of thought like i knew raritan newly-written independent many new ruling elite
even though you can get that new form of our thought
what you would seem
i'll get as relieve
the employees isn't it is not a complete to revelation it is also a panel on for suffering
the importance in there are three category or something why is something
second his pleasure
so is
indifference indifference
it was neutral nature or something
which doesn't belong to the something or pleasure
it is cold will pick up a couple of now kicker
a picture
in sanskrit
so in buddhism and something is of course something but pretty is tough that's interesting
crazy if south so you should know disappoint point first and then is to get the kid
by if you don't if you ignore this point you his courage your life
that you should know the the truth that the president is also a part of something
and also that indifference indifference which does which is a based on the neutral nature
that doesn't belong to a one sided idea the traitor or something
is also something he's answered softly
that you get a get the new get the new form of thought
he ordered to count make human civilization
please also such throwing away the own form of civilization
in buddhist made is also the assumption
one for isn't see you did you did you see the movie did you see the movie or modern time a chap charlie chaplin
i saw are and what i saw on the the charlie chaplin winner was and
college students
and was very impressed by toby chaplin
i he worked the at the big companies
the answer
a laborer hot labor labor
day and day out he has to stand up
ah he and he had to keep a stunning from on the back compare compare with cooking
it can be belt
say that compare with
and then holding holding does what
rich for the young age
then on the on the belt many a puddle the a piece of from the see this machine
part of them the see
so many part of the missing a
a pro woman at the moment
he just thirty just spanned holding the in niche and just tied up turn nuts exists all day all day
the he couldn't he couldn't stop because as long as bet convert a bear complete
they could have good idea
to be about and
conveyor belt
i've not have conveyor belt stop the he asked to move continue our excess
denim in the movie
the a is suddenly that bent compare stopped there's a walk
then numerous he couldn't stop
and they they look them on smart a fish and then no one already the camp can see the by him
den know he tried to ask us her look for that but the mud and never let you couldn't stop for granted i think it
had barely hip
with a bit too
the encryption
then he one day he discovered though they wonderful machine
eating matty
so it's not necessary to use a hint
update the since
so to sit
he said the chair no food carry the trick again and put it the table
dismissing has a two hands
he put the bottom bottom is the messiest that work then he just all he has to do was just open the mouth
then he opened about the hand comes up to his mouth he just up in our faces
like this but unfortunately that machine doesn't work then none doesn't work the of water then i mediated dismisses had work very fast
he got them
you got no his mouth for months worth of the who
food without food

to think god
that's movie was great suggestion or us
i was very impressed by charlie chaplin how great he was
he thought he was very poorest
the even though in order to ah
development develop a human civilization
and get a new form of life
it is also something
he's also something
the to be a to be liberated to be free from our services map to get a new form of our fat or of our right
but the in the monastery we have far to take you away or
using the audio key
now way was a has been handed down from generation to generation in a sense he was very own fashion
ha be
let's see
the lit the
the lease
that is not the manner of
a way of eating using the a new form or own form
it doesn't matter
how important a new form on eating your way over eating is how important an old form of eating
when you meet with you income encounter
on for
off your life
that time you must be free from there in flip from yourself there in
before you criticize it is all the form or it is new for
so liberating is means how much you you dare clink contentment in mind moment as mom this is literally complete live
wait before you describe between own phone or new form
this is emancipation what buddhism put emphasis on
from this point
to teach in a word it's also two parts
zen students in nineteen states
is a one to explain buddhism in work
because a how had already
a number of our knowledge tava number of knowledge with his head
but they don't want to play
but according to on zen master
the unattainable depths of practice can be elucidated
and the impassable elucidation can be practiced this is the way or practice mentioned by the patriarch
that statement indicates the way that park is penetrates our verbal explanation and a verbal explanation opens into the practice
where you on explain describe a you describe what spring it
our to to explain to describe what spring is work
is to know
the didn't reality with spring is
vivify one afternoon
through the road route explanation
on the spin
never meant to
to lead
to understand the our reality what the spring is the be fine moment and this is over explanation of speak
so from this point to verbal explanation of spring is to plant his stream
the practice of spring hats
a verbal explanations bring has is the practice actual practice wits screen versus
the practice what spring possesses
is the spring with includes not on display but also summer warm winter
the expansion of spring
it must must be described
by the spring include total picture of spring including summer autumn winter
that time you can understand what spring is which is vilified
did you say spain you say wow
then the spring you are completely impressed attractive by the presence of spain
dogging call this total picture of spring which is vilified
the all encompassing
oh practice
all encompassing practice
when you say spring when you try to describe spring you can't get out the list of the spring and less of view
hans summer autumn winter
so you have to wait youth crime described spring he had to describe spring summer autumn winter that time you can show you can be present you can be present total picture spring which is far
charlie putra in buddhist life it was famous so great disciples of shakyamuni buddha named charlie puth row and look kinda
he said that sally putra and mckinnon
ah had been practiced and in the mahavira mojave you
which was found out of sunshine sunday school
one six
your task of school in india
the it he said my hobby mahavira it was nearly
the manual
what would you call our
that he has he and the nature of for
introvert pervert
he was a quiet step
the secondary word the in the history
ah history in always tried to ignore the existence of sunday school because with because they regard sunday or or the sixth laws of these philosophical schools the only india as
a heritage
but and then never been on to the contrary
to are common the statement ah
the that
to the contrary
the second new bhutto was ah was given weight infants to by mahavira
even the my hobby i didn't describe
the metaphysical problem
what what would happen what would happen after death
something like that he didn't explain about this
major company bought i also even secondary buddha also didn't describe about this point
because it is model of metaphysical
metaphysical bases in it men a poke his head into the are fantastic work
what do you cannot solve
i live
the egg
there was a man it was meant for shoot it by out
who tried to
who shoot him
what's kind of poison that our hands before he tried to pull it up

anyway mahavira
had it is set might have been an add or make you have in triggered
then chalet putra mckinnon
i had studied and the him
so my been the world's baby feels hostile
they rational very logical that's why it it said though
and mckinnon was where they write go to know haskell person
even though a you tried to have done a fight
like god just to save money
they didn't answer
our like question
he tried to
answer to all question you make
in terms of to this article and logical level basis
and nevertheless he never mistake a never mistake it is said
i think calling the according to the
is tiger record of can name charlie puth for
i believe that they were based shop smart
the sally putra mckinnon were very impressed by
ah missile
the mishel big
ah priest and named michelle
he was who had
a practiced of practice solve begging on the street monday
they are completely impressed by the figure of missile
who are begging
who was taking in the street
then shall the putra than mckinley
convinced himself of truth
this word to human why they they become pleased
so at that time the nebulous practice actual practice of building
is identical with teaching
through his body
who is
hold by
so you have to teach we asked to describe not only with your month
with your ear with your eyes
the ahead
the then monastery when you turn to the sutra
he had tenth sutra with your year
somebody asked me how can i tend to meet your with you
according to the come since it's in past
well actually is trapped in a a for for speaking it his past as
a income since it's impossible
to practice
can can can do with your use
ha you know so
if you read though
then stories and and was all well tokens and master
les you it's a monster tell me like mint moment when
ah kill again a master looking at a beautiful flower blooming flower of
or listening to the sun
our vendors to rock when this time hit the bamboo bamboo tree
yeah team
sound always
show what practice it

a tree when i was so good temple
the after say money they can save money won by japanese people were one of our people came up to me and the
ah bow deeply with custom
england that time i performed the ceremony in a peach some top
in one of people come came up to me in bow deeply with custom so i thought wow
think he was he was impressed by by my top
but he did what
said your castaways and was very impressed by your shop
stay a minute walk
that was very impressed by your crusher
in a fence i discourage it
it says that was very amazed
have never noticed by this point
all i had to do it was just to do a show winning when i had a thought
as has more to their master as will they must have taught me the thong
so anyway
that you can teach you can teach not waive your map
not only are you talk by a verbal explanation also by hell
i thought
by walking on the street
mason before
the famous they must have slovakian name loud noisy
when he said so then by himself
a in a child
came up to his temple and looked at him
settings of
keep it at they must
what are you do
hey she didn't say anything now i and he'll run came back to her own and say mommy
how pleased he can do that
it seems to be can do
then master didn't be explainable how great thousand years
he did
how you can teach
you can always practice whenever you describe the way
you can always described the way whenever you whenever you practice
tanking then
eating the show wow
that's why
put on they must says the unattainable depths of practice can be elicited
secondly bureau and patriarchs described a piss poor
what is buddhist teaching so called impotence
if you describe emptiness just one word emptiness is elucidate it is a it is opening into the practice into the practice the to what a human warmth x
one word
the present a tooth practice and to
through this
verbal explanation so called emptiness
this is
actual purpose but most of king and into for many people many people they are vp confused by empties
a strict speaking emptiness the purpose of emptiness in a man get rid of attachment but get to the contract is truth and many people are confused because by tattoo
many people tragic to the emptiness and compute
our component factor of ablaze
is of the unconsciously all consciously based on the
the dialectic basis it when you say you describe when the teacher described by emptiness well what is emptiness
these so you tried to get to the emptiness with so called a new form of fact
why would fit so
so i don't have a new at the emptiness so i want to get the new form of into some call it
but internet is practice practices so key
in the level of the actual practice
the lives harmonious total picture of her family
for human being
what but a new form or odd form just
without contradictory
this practice
by the an attainable depths of parties can be illustrated and impossible elucidation can be practiced

if you listen to please ball emptiness
you tried to put it into practice in the event
mean throwing away and you thought
and to become to concentrate on zazi itself
says entrance
intimacies not to get a new for called interests