April 1972 talk, Serial No. 00241

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tape stopped early; succesfully imported in a later batch

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different guess but but capacity that graham has
ah to get outside himself to to sit here and the zendo and to be able to put your mind upon the job look back at the center this capacity has created incredible people
an evil which no animal has ever been joshua and this for is the problem with it would want to say them to say that humans are big way better
them a great more important than adults i can't see this because it's only humans they create evil after evil after the animal just goes along the himself all the time have never cruel intentions
when you set it up with it and say well here's the he runs an instant here's the name he runs on monday is warmer than that's baggage of which is discrimination
i don't see it
he he
no wiki
why did you learn
you can see yourself create evil
i do you accept you asia in kevin
but rather that
because year for agency of the substances
it's buying a think to play you know you put you think that you think
when complete so evil
this is something back
the arms was not going to bad or good or bad the six senses not a mistake senses gives you the capacity the potential for both good and evil
that's not good at running but you have the chance of upon the animal baby he can't see border but he doesn't create evil even
net or something the didn't creators something bad or good team
what do you can say they can create to see on the sincerity is beyond something beyond human speculation
because he can sometimes you can control me
eastern time zone
please me instinct
what you want to live like malaysia a move kind of for something to have you
want to make
please them side isn't gay if the house is burning now
the inside a man to visit a man three nice a strong the week
the mommy when he see the burning house
he immediately gets very strong energy and carried the get it tells he didn't work he gets kidnapped
oh really strong walls council and can read it
that instant cheap
so that is so fat
so you say he say i can i don't have passed on energy to carry the that them he bells and the mughals and great to it
why but the when the condition is given when the condition is differently provided he tucks and swung image that he had he hasn't to it
it's and he hadn't expected before
so that is from such an top
so if you are completely if the berg won't it
so the anyway
ah which we can say what you can say he said
i'm create since of this inside a symptom beyond the most dangerous
bird spirits birds animals
they never as that's a different became analysts
listen to different
not it's not evaluation it's not a variation to judge if you're right you're wrong
he's barely better than in human being
the difference is difference between the animals and birds
if only human who can accept
but since sarah
or evil or good but completely in a quiet and he can and for can deep
that fighter
before you attached to motion
the case
great capability which next
this is sexist
according to the merely according to the six senses he is some concessional evaluation of fact is get actually gave me that back and some
have you think so
you have to transit wasn't that be something more than that something evaluation would have thought
says good suspect
usb on the past instinct the an impulsive success
raise it
that's the fish called asset to kids
there are taking exist this family he stopped
i can eat together with are putting down happy to earn the court district