April 1972 talk, Serial No. 00239

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so dry that his story of
one on shakyamuni buddha's disciples him
who used to be
ah not personal
on his name was
i'm really matter
he said
are he made
i'll weep
oh with
the fingers on men
long he killed
scientists in the sutra
he killed
nine hundred and ninety nine percents
day he vowed to kill thousand men
anyway his chest see see it he was successful in killing
nine hundred ninety nine and that night
but the there is from trouble
his mother
his mother wants
the a something fun
hungry ghost
why he is he she suffered
i'm hungry hungry
or a week
so anyway
only bar
a seems to be bad person but
he had a little bit
a good cause nine
cause he wanted to give some food
his mother or supper
hum hum
the anyway he got the food i don't know where he got from where he got the phone
got the food and tried to get back
foot to his mother
there are that time
he thought well
even when my mother
they she will die
usa it is sure he worked she will be born in heaven
if song
get up
he ordered to
be successful in making a week with a famous men
then he
what's about to r
that time check on the borders time that right before and behind you
then he noticed shakyamuni buddha that behind him
then we can she turn back said you are paid summer some i'm pleased some of the tablet some the other words you are priest
that you last summer they turn back immediately and ten he tried to tagged
tap the second for the turkey
the one the every time he tried to take on as the for settlement for that to go one step backward
how can you are channeling the summer elective you couldn't kit
then last quickly he he completely got exhausted
he bowed you fall she bought me for touching the bipod his by warhead to and to me and become pleased
then next day
becoming pissed
he practiced the begging on the street
oh wait
list of a priest disciples
hmm that time the indian people had
some costumes
why is this a it was
when our elephant has
a difficult to anybody

and if for need to listen to
buddhist it
neither color for status just and
just available to hack
i'm not sticking his
one of a precept do not care of i this is
so edison need to listen pure word pure just a one cube word
according to the piece of precepts
do not care
then that time and we're the only modern kept begging telling the ball
a man called him to emily morrow to invite the his house said and sorry to disturb your practice cause i have by elephant as
difficult to for me right now
a cure to elephant
but at that time not a mile was completely upset
not on
he couldn't
couldn't give her to are
because you know so that what there and we mata is to do
nine hundred and ninety nine persons he killed
so that time he was completely upset things and return to the second liverpool was i do
it was asked by his san a guy who had the elephant
with difficult delivery question was wish i tell him
and second pool us as well
you should say
to this guy to add up
i have never
paul lived since beginning this beginning less past
i have never
code lie
since beginning less past
the but at that he couldn't believe the second woman pulled a statement but the that job for thorough order
given by the secondary bullet that's commonplace my teacher
in the impact mine he had still some dumb but anyway can set you should
have never told a lie since beginning with his past games you went to
and he said
i have never told a lie since beginning with this past and ten babies born
this start
this is thought

then suck dogan says
the enlightenment of buddhists and patriarchs is not leaving and coming but his unceasing the transmitted by gaudi each egg
and we might have practiced completely go each day
therefore each day is a precious pieces
den bergen says as one term committing oneself to one day yet
why you shouldn't people are feeble away his time or one day
this day is precious treasure what one should be reluctant tools if you don't understand his story
every day
take best care of georgie of check
then to convince says after
kenyan enlightenment
should just continue to practice yoga of each day
if you don't know understand what put myths
so i
ace care of each day
of your life

today's last day says she
also last puddle while playing in p
after training killed some of you about to will go back to
home see the carrots systems and brothers
some of you will stay here
we are able you make up
what point is it should be a person for is transmitted
by golly of each egg
it's not his aside to speak too much
go back to your home point my point is that should just be there
mt get off
each day writes
what's your face
your fence
ah the other day i mentioned of buddhism first ball appreciate the other's presence
it's mean
everything everything is here in the letter of each day monday
before then each person
this reality is the act where everything is here

madam brother father
who don't know if so you bullet space
but i don't know if you are there
maybe you cannot get up from my
communication with
house kevin's house clearance fence that your parents brothers and sisters
to appreciate to appreciate the other's presence means pick up
to confront come from is me by first taking the best care of fence
when you get up and and meet your friends and parents to say good morning
good morning speak of
one of them can
mine doesn't merely speaker for just work
when a good morning speaks up of buddha's teaching
that time that you are person food transmit
going heal each day
the guild you each day it's not that to transmit
geology of each day it's not to the motto of
conflicts and conviction of knowledge and patent
all our experience in incompatible with adults
just upset said
each day this day this day in testing that animal this a many people resist
should be you should just be
then the presence of your presence then your presence always impacts
the elegance elegance of worse teaching
the house where the audience your brethren sisters with
they they ask something what would it means well shouldn't speak something you you you know
if you don't know snap this
keep the porn sites
even know you are understand so well what buddhism they tried to explain how much i understand for is
but dennis some important question the second when you put it says
the every man every man hearing on what did good
it comes up to me and disturbed
that's veins even though you understand so well what buddhism is and ten but three extreme but everybody is not always accepting
everybody always enjoying your talk your understand
some pan that for its message was some time disturb people are disturbed your understand very confused
so i think over you speak up he killed
your understanding and cheap price
check when you pull it says you don't sell the buddha down my cheek plates
so just
first should just be there
if someone asked you to speak to spend a bit if you understand
if you don't know all sites
and also
what isn't
the present
at the present living present what opportunity is provided
it's means whoever you encounter
right now like you
the opportunity is pay five
hey but we haven't
then when you on see the parents brothers and sisters
that's that's the day when opportunity is provided it is very important point
then if you stay here
ah summer
think you will find a different situation from training
the carry the weather climate
many people come
no such scenes
hypnosis he is very happy for us and
he of a session and will give her some towns to thing that swimming pool

when is wherever you may be
this you get set to speak here yet
taking the best care of geology of each day
then if necessary speak
and you appreciate
this presence the each day
what's opportunity is provided
this is police
this is our past

come on

even though you don't like
as much as possible she'll make every possible effort to take care of adults
this is says appreciate
how does presence
now in the part of your mind right
okay by you

i wish they may sir
to make too much noise
convince it as convincing
south of the truth of he will work

if you understand
yourself how much you western
it is already
your mind sauce it indicates that your life is will have a com
come because you convince yourself of true off me not to south wasting time
so not wasting time not with a whisk time is
through sept ways it
the everything's exist before you make too much not
if you don't know if you don't realize
too much noise you make
ah that's with noise is just noise
so worse than croaking rock
quoting focus
he's always giving a human being some the feeling of elegance
or tonight
but humans
too much human and can pay our noisy than noisy or two months noisy too much noise which way to whitman
sometimes just in economics
it doesn't make sense but the we we'll pay into steady with nuts

no no no media movie but than anyway noise coming up
that's a mean that they say it he has no abide
noise itself as normal
but then you a noise coming up
down when because there is something
the money and institutions
ah sessions
since come to discord
but discord since up
so whatever kind of noisy you want want to me
hey we need some effort we need to make some effort ms before before you make a noise try to be tried to be yourself as you are this is
first important practice
he is not a waste not waste time
who get the most simple and strict translation of the word pog
this kind of it's very the signal

no russia
i guess that about i didn't mean an explanation i meant that
but it turns a language
often upon what's called a transliteration
it's a kind of feeling what is to way into
need to know like language itself you think comfort in teaching award i will explain a little guy
our extraordinary work retry first so you think of it mater res proper translation with me he gave me
a go his practice or action or date
go is a pups what you have used somewhere your g is
to sustain
to oh
do hope
to keep
this keep
keep that there are many ways of keeping something
this is also teach sticker
northside yes it's also kids sophistical you and
but this kid is to keep
there's something with compression and consider it is
with respect
he says
some faceless exists
he's keep
this is so your deep
after sustaining
find some from word
the english

the couple sandy
some be
the other mean the people
no think so
because the alpha six senses are a senses
because they suffer but wait you see when you see the grass on the birds and trees in terms of human calmer human come
you think or something
yes sir
but the trees in birds and fun themselves
don't know exactly what something we me
some people suffer was another people
so as much as it
you mean the buddha and of my ah
of course suffer second when you boot suffer
i had five hundred outlets are also suffered
but degree on much they suffer it's different from my own person
how how they upset and separate something is very different from ordinary person

you can you say that you're shopping said
think so
can i can accept the sophomore profit
this piano in some if you so if you're paying for that but the
think words are set up some
but the suit is something that time will will come when that's something is that stuff
it means to accept something right now a ship
point pr discrimination case it is transmission of thirty be checked


ah security said to me
well cause he suffered
so twenty
said that
you know a doctor said to him i'm leaving you were alive you will be alive for six months at he said that a lot how long how long i will leave i will be alive it doesn't make sense doesn't matter much how long
i won't be alive two months severance six months to see something new the sun
because accept something's already here
but that's very important point
we're there
in in our case of the says or you will be alive six months wow when the
gathered of the says you will be alive for two months after feet
when they arrive more
that's the usual case
the night of person is as monuments how long
he will be six months two months or year two years
dickie sookie when the dts sookie passed away is sacred day he is segunda says you want something to have something three and known of it
how do you feel you today
all paid
cowboy is key

i'm exactly

take care of to something
sometimes you have to let them alone
who something's
please those when that
people are confident with their families and friends
that suffers from humans fine
super series he shouldn't let them month
because there is no way to take care of him whatever kind of a word synthetic work for you tried to get
doesn't make sense
but but important point is that they they need someone taking some known for his always
in party parting sort of a piece or harmonious spit to them
right cause a common pool
tony price on his hip baked for a joy
even though he doesn't speak
so people need set of friends are person
even though he doesn't speak so well so much
even though he doesn't know what's kind of for proper at sympathetic word he should be there he should give
hey everybody everybody in need
said the person fence
the presence of such a friend or person
relieve human be off
suffers or sadness
save life
hi i'm going

i my i

tennessee shipped suffer for yourself
it's nobody reached vinci or something
this is far from death
like cause suggesting
what would it have to worry step kids going on
who believe it
always yet what should i do
to suffer
but this accepting and this acceptance of suffering not take is way important point so court i'm wearing peacefulness or a minute snus whatever you say
hardy circulation himself beyond conception of and then me



he says it
as you said we should see the size of the retreat
we should see what you said
he guys
oh we create

if you see
yeah i been last december sashimi i told them there are many kinds of for a minute kind of for then
hair doesn't hidden camera costs us doesn't
the fighting spirit servant

are you reserving
the human human elves and humans and then the heavenly something
having deserving
cody said you yourself
when does it
then hours as it is and system
but characters doesn't include hills us in war henry costs us key
in in the level of hungry ghosts doesn't the nice characters are sent to

references to that's why i said you should see
should seek that said with cupid
so that time if you are the
upset if you're confused and touch to it
you can get out
cool costs said
please see smells so good for the kitchen
hmm good
we need them
when dishes tonight
that's because surfing
then you it's down term
next in a school
team accounts

that ways
now hungry ghosts zazi his parents system
a few times to hungry ghosts as it doesn't it is not covered
so the white so monthly pass the tests would be because don't
don't take
don't notice up
the next visit

even though you can you can help him
the important point is you should be there

if they miss said to proceed if they lose such a person he had completely upset
can alive he can't be a lot
it hurt you
cause you were hurt
the of course it's not use it to be there with people for suffering without doing something
we are
nevertheless you should to there
this compression and heat
patient with as companies
then you can find something if you find something to help
if a little bit trying to help

that's right
and yet
that i
a try to do so
turns me
maybe not
and that
you that
it doesn't really i don't trust
trident the mud

but then
to the contrary to than yours at feeling
he you realize that denim many things but to make you want to make you a set and sit down more confused the more you try to give us some help to him
solar last what should i do if you ask if by some guy what can i help you
as kick to speaking some truth is no way to help just get even though you don't like his head to when you try to touch when you try to lead the source of something you can meet
if you can get something which you can read is just something which is floating on the surface for for flocked from the southeast of human life
but we can't lead the sauce or something
that time you should know this point and you should accept this point also he should accept your source of suffering and other source of sorts of suffering you see a prize to everybody
well if you understand this point

he had his humor
it sense
like a l
doing something for
are using humor
seven person is using to break break out of himself
but the something in that humor is also day
look really kind pure
but a you
it seems it's very difficult to
save of people from when there's something by the say humor
if you use a subway humor
they awaits that they must use that's humor is sort of humor but this humor cut off a source of suffering
the action
for will be kids so they them have it used them brewster with his french humorous but if humans is vey kitchen the map
where you
keratin than the conference a and the work and killed in the new year everybody hated
get up like to set it
oh home
one woman of moment you are marching to the green
you add up and now but
it's very serious to
but if a for includes a master please pay you
they choose but the second muslim faith
if you use been if you have some cake very to use such a humorous that's okay
it is
yeah it's and as
some time
fountains or know people use of such a humorous like the other day and mentioned that one of my one of the country folks in my village the kickstarter wooden bucket know italy forget they for uploaded to the to my master
they said the try to test to test his wooden bucket to see that if we raise complete so he said okay yes yes sir
informed water into the food and bucket finland water leaking
then download musk says with more you or did you hit the wooden bucket completely or yes i get what some are this is a reality he said well maybe temples water is very delicate
the military
they marched along the line
could we could kill him but he's thirty eight they must more than my worst i could
but i'm also sure it's depends on depression keep it depends it
it's depends on the president who listened to whether humorous statement is alive or not
so you should kill you have to use a humans work according to the time
occasion he meant you
at a real hot
never more alive
sermon right
get off was path

friends were kind of it yet
as are some advice
when feel helpless


i don't know what should i you

time you have to vacate keep hold of silence sometimes telling him will tell you why don't you come it
with us
but nevertheless they don't accept
second time when they come to you the second time they said go by them to to say
they don't want it next time will come when to control
sometimes you keep saying
but the question is did come to say they come that fact about the what they come up to you is a good chance make good
they've got things which occasion is replicating is provided
the this occasion live we have to communicate with you with something
it's great war
the fake it becomes
the to come that the average the reality which he can't
need some meaningful can kiss me
these mean
so now necessary to speak for much speak of so much
if you can find some chance to communicate with him
she'll have
because so individual has their own a common
so it's take time

whatever happened to be viewed as and estrogen you come to a barrier
what did we go on to do i mean it sounds like
the problem we don't like it was very funny for the i can imagine
i'm getting a good man an average the skeleton
what happened
that's a few
forever forever you can imagine that the doesn't matter you have kicked

i replied during the whole three days
of you playing
our trip for me
who are
poetry for me
i can actually go

he said something long
rating concerning the and poetry for me
oh you will feel it with a power trip on him
are you i say that on me

but the tessa
it's not the important thing
yeah if you go to outside and war project
the valve huge pouch
sure that after our of practicing she'll know
then as much as possible don't touch too much k much say if you can escape if you can optical costs
step aside yeah
if you can't step aside it's it doesn't mean it doesn't mean to escape
you know the here is some war
and they you know it for then if you go astray
you know so well what will happen
the if you know whether to simplify
this is the important
a have
even though you have put aside and go the other way in your head coming on your hands coming out newer leds coming out but there is some sort of the
your okay
everybody don't want to the poetry but the are in get side with a to interested in reading poetry but that's why would i do it to do the project
they way you dislike the you decide you want to get out damn put aside
the all part of the body come up from the power trip since we live in picture his tail
if you that's why you should know what part of is
should know
for this sometimes you have to watch guilty
before you bump your head
sometimes you put us up