April 1972 talk, Serial No. 00175

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he is today
the nation
all activity
are you do
speak up
a buddha's teaching
yes mouse
ah what you can see
considering coffee
for a picture of your life
circumstances man
absolutely concentrate on doing one subject when you are confronting
when you encounter debt
so the our you guilty as two points
why is
had we are always speak up
hoover dam on a teeth
when the other point is that he settles itself on itself
in pulaski situation this is good
yesterday the mentioned the why we have to why we are y
does all activity you do
must speak up
damn not did some aspect of our selfishness
they have to pick up the bulletin board is you
that is a point
which brought us patriarchs
continually from all age up to now
the search for this point
questioning why i am here
why i am you
this question
and she had on so long
absolutely points out to
the ground
a whites we are based on our lives our basement
but strictly speaking this question
it's not identical with
the ground itself and ground it said that ground itself
because the a few the moment when you make question who i am
why i am here
now play some point out absolutely a president
and once you are what were you are
this is what why i am
but that question surface man that is mapped the simply identical with a leaving present
live in president is
no objective of debt of dip to when observer
because it is always a living is always living
a question has some tendency
picking up
there's something wrong on living a be
by he kept the fence
neither most question with a to in every new to see yourselves object by
the wait you the moment when you make a question for i am
why i am here
it means that you see
yourself already in terms of
objectified level stage
this is question
the other man plain speaking this question point out to the moon but it's not move south to think look at that's how beautifully okay
you can see the room it is
it's not more itself
that it's just the point out to them
but through this springer you can see the moon
that's why this questions very important and everybody all from old age after now to up to now up to now
everybody is interested in this question why out why i'm here
if so what is little president but it's the the will present
ha the i think in a lot the before the previous side
second session
when guide describes what is legally present
ah take me there the function of the moment for example
hmm anyway
prague is dickie what it is
the living present
why aren't you
yesterday i mention that i mentioned yesterday
why i help you
it will like to search searching for
the answer
about why aren't you
where is true too i
but after searching searching the for for it many is a panorama dan
you won't come to realize that
the answer for that you are searching
he's nothing else that
what is doing such that's all
why am i oh yeah
when you say oh this is i
yes i am here
that time
that simultaneously tasa de anza include or a up
get that answer includes immediately simultaneously include the
good christian
teacher cut up
an all circumstances
why am reading luck
why am i agree
i want to know why
so during the end up making my mind com
what give me my heart oh k my heart is moving now
when old student has to pay their cooperation
oh the hut
he got to die
the plastic bottle the hut
he's we sit zazen
lastly bar make a noise
to the next his students will sit next to say that can can listen to the north
stream basically

but why i am i am getting greedy
but the this question immediately to show
the presence of by or morgan what did help
simultaneous and the presence of the air
beds so
the air

for on the ground on the fundamental fact of
when you at the moment when you ask
why am here
you can to the arise that that is now on the president of yourself but also the presence of everything
this is very true if you can get up is leo reality
huh run this point
my heart to say what my heart is moving
ace to say what my heart speak up something to
something to everything
all open
it is organ exist court exists in tennessee
the air coexist with
liver sun starts
everything we that
co exist absolutely
this is my heart my heart speak of buddha them worse teaching
well when when if when my heart speak up the selfishness of
of it's on
yeah i say why didn't you come for a while
plastic pouch neck too much noise like me to do come
then sometimes my heart
is beating not fast they swap
sometimes my heart is beating so fast
why don't like that
don't like that
roof quiet
always selfishness is selfishness always speak of something
the capitalistic what the
capitalistic golf was selfishness
what you mean
effective affected preferment right along good the bad
he tricked or lot and song
two years ago i i went to their university
ah to check my brain wait some some scale wanted me to test to test my brain i don't like i don't i didn't like it but that you want to ask me he wanted need to test
i went
oh one one up me one hour sitting a small box
a slated for

after to that they don't want to i have i didn't want to see and these art
because i live so well how else will be sad
when it comes out as surrender
now that doctor says well
then he kissed he asked me
look at this point many ways i don't i didn't understand what that's what did this wave one that was the does his way to stand for it doctor says a look at this way i look at act
dr well cause exists on just little bit i realized the black gun and kinda wait
the to and
to do the asking me
did you know why why he leads a blog year a book
but that christians new notice for tattooing and standing and given to sit that are
this drunk
the doctor says your grace stuff before what
the different
saw if they didn't notice

they a myth
i see that blank
to act to myself with this cost would start to stop it
moving mine functioning my play
can't believe it
but anyway
at are giving present
to say what my heart is beating is to say what everything is it's existence
and what the my heart is beating is always picking up
so god what a teacher was teaching
that the senselessness
this is a little press
but when you see
the president the way or you are where you are
you realize that there are many things
many in into
what's leave you in bewilderment said i do
because by comic life
come crying soul you
are many things that to people's good but right along
the song
what they are existant just comply
there we are always upset by this provisional
ha incident
effective treatment created by effective resistance
at along with the fact
but you should keep in mind
to the contrary that kelly's the absolute place and some place where
the reality
the complete
fundamental fact of human life
exist without
ha with
with being
this is the court the answer place where you can live in peace
where is it
it is in moment
in the mouth
he's in the numbness
what is a presence known as on the when
you activies
your life in moving out more
if you are deficient
in what you need to alkalize
the president living present
in your daily life
in a sure that at last
the wheel of life well lived you can be would completely
huh so in the ground in the fundamental pub to like
come to realize that the ways the answer place where you can live peace and harmony
with or be
without having to
the cold
your life
absolute places
absolute place
where are you can live in peace and harmony never used to be right arm
now here without having to decode your life
it is called do it is called guys
which is moment of moment advised
wheat in cafe says joyce
what this the realm of duty
you have to speak at auditor
and we have to sustain the idea itself
without moving without having to decode
that's why google boil diogo says that is no trail that leads to parties while you expand the way
when you speak up
who your guess so
the level a show
show itself speak of its own buddha tanner
also it's a casino itself several on itself this is like
oliver's life must take a check for all that constantly you can't stop
stop life is always going on
must you must take have for moment afternoon then in in the level each moment
we have to settle yourself on the south
the states and to sell yourself on the self is
to get taste of in cavalry in that
to speak of buddha dhamma is to take one step for continually
hey in the realm of guilty
the bus
to speak of buddha dharma
or to take one step four
and to sell yourself ansel
consistent with one another
now if this is called village
so products and technologies very different form a pub does what you have thought
ha delhi's no trail that these two explanation why you practice the way
what's why
when you practice or you have to do is just to practice
when you talk to stick of buddha download rates on
your is occupies
the fact is we speak up a bulletin occupies all your life
in this respect
when the speaking how to beat you have long out to be getting a dvr
what they can tell your house
you are always
straight for
always straightforward to
my force
your daily life is based
always take for
he must be
because your life must take up
what a download the truth
and settle the south when the south
this is complete revelation
then someone
i will bodyweight how great
just walk
huh but this statement points out that deletes the way or cottage and the widow elude station
are there are many way of practicing
did you read that on his book
there are many patriarch
full follows many way all been a practicing buddhist wait
some of them a stay in the heart of the mountain
throughout life
yesterday i mentioned duck when then master who could find was founded on the or toki no oh joy
what dude you
the practice standard dorgan for twenty years
was success subsystem of second patriarch of a monster
it he said that he
always stay in
need the heart of the mountain
set so then on the rock big rock
which has existed up to map
nieto what coach temple
the fox in the village
i just called or cody
look around him city
has drawn to do are they are a were all impressed so much by his by baking sitting luck
then he started
do you started to build
the temple for him
that was altered to
i told on
when i told them that master practice dander his master named linda
one day we can ask it pulls on asked
what is your
super power
just call didn't to ginger richie
other words he wanted to know
gun that must have wanted to know
the superpower he puts on the master had experienced
then to them they master
before google same master
with cashews
just like this
have you
the bow
your left
hey a get a weirdo
a call tinto
stand up with chashu jets
think you can turn your kept the
i'm feeling of the impound really from his you like the big monkey
just stand up
cheshire will chase you
then pow the show saying to job
electric kettles hill
this is also a whale
practicing buddhist teach
to practice bonus way a buddhist teaching is not to stay in the hot not only to stay in the hot the mountain
live on
you have to find the whale buddhist teaching and practicing buddhist teaching
your daily life
in one of my friends i have bar menu friends
who are
mastering nearly little bit crazy
the uk
but i felt relief when i came to an united states could hear many pupils were creepy
being felt relief or one
what but the way independent
i didn't like the subject friends
who are a little bit crazy
one of my friends are getting free on the bed
he always sit sitting fleet
i know now anyway
so back when panic you
he always be sick

the he was he was
one of disciples were disciples one of cyprus
who practice andor disciples all
ah outstanding them masters of corn for named as you want to wash
then after ordination
he went to his temple and and practice than the him
but this i smoke raj was very strict main street
him before he wanted to follow
he just right perfectly to dog in real life

hey strict
the when you do a show and fifth
you can i like it

he's caught me
because through the cashew he the arise some crack your mind
what code in pumps

he could not do such a shock
where were you are old or young
in public in public
without reserve
mic check
in one day i he asked
it's called one of my friends
because he passed by are some dust on a passage in the hallway
then she wanted them master it get up
right into garbage
then then yes sir
pink that opened the window
happy about it
right now

and perfect
them goodies we were in the last bit
the nap
but in your current bullets me very strict the actually pull it me is very flexible
any time in what it means vivify
and then he lived
he left in them
that's wonderfully
this let's imagine the same applies to your eyes
i said to you
pick it up
the way to the garbage can
and the door like the way
i think it's a little different from him his behavior
in you can sense huge sense
the to throw it away through the window
is something registered
for the wolves or and whites
what happens
now what happens
for a short period of time
your pto
not for wrong rise wrong time period of time
so you don't lie immediately of i don't like said district way of life
would you open the door
there you still state
the past ha
because you don't want to go out that city
are you love so much now pudding
ah so good responses
but for my friends why is it he thought way
two right away
through the window
if to throw away
hey for catchment completely
that's why he left
don't even though he left temple there is no problem
by if you left the cover a new problem happens
yesterday i mentioned the potent than must burn up burned out the hat
he worked that the in godot your state there
if for google doyle then master though your zen master
didn't throw away his attachment
a probably he say or don't do that it's nonsense son
who's next
let me leave it leave you
each nonsense
but and that can do you have them master
left mediante way smiling
get on so
our kinship
this this way it's an important point
if you want to read just for something to that my a fans must be opening into k
your i would happens with appears for short period of time
you shouldn't resistance for wrong period of time life of dr should be
if you are like instance in that time that way
whenever you may go
complete or i is right complete
but you to we we are obviously different
some do
come on weiss
what happens with you have created by com cry
i also they are
they are existant
who are just a short period of time loved life after life because
they are existant on the basis of lot of transits changing
but the always cut to it and logistics
dave you when you feel fine
if you russo we
you route
you complete me upset
what a legal right to draw or peace dust that so way dashed through the window
being against that their masters and of whites this is also a way of practicing buddhists way
because their distance
much to penetrate oh you're right
what is just and war wrong peeled
i have to lie
if you've got to depend on the you will realize buddhism their existence of buddhism
what javi strange
and also
the people don't like that bullies
particularly a priest
don't like
because buddhism was a priest the shaping head
we're in black wallpaper
what joe complete far away
so a modern way of life board of life
yeah months when the young monks go to the go on the college he a completely against
the a compete against police
and they want to study something else
the after graduation
they realize that and is some problem difficult because if they ignore if they ignore the priests drive
to get the job
get gap
today start to think well why don't you combat to the priests laugh
then a compact to be killed
a rico okay but they don't have question if they don't have any doubt
the keys life
so you should think we should keep in mind what the to legislate a want to it
they just showed a difference
provisional ira can pry
for temporary a be a provisional be
that's all
what for one of my friends
he reduced it
the masters advice
right for dr thank you left
now he did he lives in a small temple
by so
sometimes he
he carved the buddhist touch
molly fat burn and
secondary in poorer
the day he sent the three statues of buddha put a stray bullet status will be to me
that would start to sell rocha very funny
it was
you camera
kind boy function a smart
your brand of
but he really make a cannon have to work as kind of forty sutra has really tick much
so one day i i give for a gift for that kind of important sad to or one us to them
he she said
this crew boys southwest va energetic
it can
when he returned to return it to me
because can research
very funny by the this guy has aged tom's muscles based harmless
but mind is a gym for each other
very simple in the when not they must says pick it up through the way into the garbage and say oh
oh yeah
open the door
the pain symptoms
we're we have we call him living buddha we call him reading for that
i love for sentence that mean by him

skills we have do not get a word to her
the true a to practice the way is to offer the monks ahead to be shaved before support them master
this is a sip for
them master was won by the
toyota their master's disciple
he practiced in the heart mounting by himself
one day you want to buy his disciple boil then the master's disciple went to see went to the mounting to see him
she asked the man to ask and him
why is it the body dogma came to came to the time or from ringing
then dismount said
the body so deep that i have used a label with a long handle moment
what does he need them
then the month return to the toilet them masters temple and set
now i went to the mounting and see the my friends
and as good a way that the body done my came today china from india he said he said that the valley is so deep that i i have used a label with the long hands
then join them must have says well
not so good
i have to go
to see him so he went
he went to the mountain with their country one of his disciple
the asking him
to carry their
ah later later
then join them musk says say something if you shouldn't say anything i would shave your head
that the simple
offered his hat trick
we can see to score for the he hit to be shaped
i think the he did the mounting for wrong com so if you were wrong here
like a bag of under the bandits know years
so that's why he said money for deep
that i have used
laden with non
that is the question why is it
body dumb came to the time on from india
answer is not based on the confession locally you can go you it's clean
why is it the buddha was bombing in disrupt
all the release of
the human suffering
what the think it has nothing to do with to put his living bullies
the for set for living tourism has very close the relation with his life itself
and he said body so deep that i have used label with wrong handle mean why them to look at my hair
nobody pay attention to my hair nobody nobody asked me have a she'll be
leave it
can you understand how long i stay here practice
that's fine
toyota think master it's enough for good
because it's still something brick cheese wrapped in the bottom of his mind
so-called wrong we here
so called ladle
with the wrong hand long path
then say something if you shoot and say anything what shave your head
but to the contrary
getting sick for didn't have for any sufficient
he is he was very straightforward just for offered he said brief
top my car i could my friends
pick it up throwing away into the gallery
yes open the door so it away and left
this is britain
then dawkins says do not eat more or disorder the truth
that is no trail that leads to practice while you explained the way is no trail that leads to explanation why you practice the way
do not eat more meals
that should continually practice buddhism one by one day after day until you are perfectly in to
put it
without having to get caught it
until it is
marcus until practice is mt