Given on Saturday, July 10, 2010
About this talk
Zen practice is doing what is expected whether you want to or not; learning to be in touch with our wounds.
Good to know. This even I would like to speak about something. To do with our bodies and. Anyway I don't know how to summarise it but I would talk about it and then. I'm not sure we use it for you but maybe it will be entertaining. With anything you. Want. With me. Here. On the. Ground certain things over the years I haven't heard people talk about and I mean you know. I start to wonder like. This is not why don't more people talk about these things. And yeah that was really. Something that. You do not eat. So this is related to you know connecting your intelligence or consciousness your awareness with your physical body. You know. You have in physician I think. We've been studying this just in their few days together in terms of how to use the know how to do to go. How to sit in meditation. You know it's really good in. The. Meetings she's gone on. To. Me in the ME in the. When I bend in a simple way Zen practice can be described as having your body in a certain place at a certain time during a certain thing when the. Heating and. She. Runs when to you feel like it or not. It. So if meditation is scheduled at six o'clock in the morning here in meditation I went in. With the things well you know it's wrong and. It doesn't matter whether you want to meditate or don't want to meditate or you like better in your town like meditation you're happy or sad you bring it all to the meditation hall instead. But I think it's not anything more me if. I'm asking. If it's time to work in the kitchen cooking just a matter of if you feel like it or don't feel like it you like it don't like it here want to you don't want to you know you're going to cook young. So there's nothing wrong with the. Evening. And went there and you know people think oh well then I did that I would be free. And you know and immediately. Right here freedom is I get to do what I want. You know what. I. Mean but you could also understand when you're doing what you want and if you end and you end where you're going to be compelled to always be doing what you want to do you have to do would you want you and your oh so you're just a slave to doing whatever you want free you're just a slave to doing what you want. To most Americans. Would like. But about you know willing to do something you don't want. To. Win Again. Because it's going to happen there will be rallies you don't like and you don't want to be there when you can you do you cannot tell them which moments to come and be with you in which moments not to. Be seen in the in the long. Run this week when many American he. Says sometimes moments will come that you don't want to end OK. Rather I want to know by will handle this. Write me on one will you. So in its way you say you said you can be your more free because whatever comes from you you'll be able to do something. And the thing. Comes. Through So this is a curious he said we practice meditation to be ready for anything in here. And you're ready for anything because you practice meditation no matter how you feel or what you think. You get your body into in meditation on the question sit. With me. Or you do this in the Get in the kitchen you know. Corey you know we go to work in the morning in the world. So sometimes people say about us and oh there's too many forms. With. People and I don't like forms. I don't like structure. And then I'm not free. If you think about it there every moment has form every moment has structure. Including thinking. Along you know me. You just may not be noticing what it is. All. Considering make it very obvious it's six o'clock our time to meditate if. You wake. Me you out in the world but time you said you do a deal you know. Yeah. We were. Told what's going on here. So it becomes out of their world I don't know life every moment there's form there's structure. In the how can we be in you know as a part of the form a structure is being a husband or father or mother or son of a brother a sister is are all forms needed. The thing. That's all. I mean he. All so says Ikarus is the real freedom is learning how to wear this compass and Japanese rose and feel free. On the. Land and. Thinking. Rare it is cumbersome rose and no real bird. Doing anything illegal you know third taking on very. Reforms in your life without feeling you know overwhelmed or very by them. Really calling them all you want to do the last thing. I says it here is he once said there's a form to every moment here and if it's God's leave. Google which is the. Only one many people want. OK So this is a little bit of a bit of a background. On what they're. Talking about you know how do you know and this is again to bring your wariness in jail but it is to really have it. Your body or to reincarnate into your life. When. Three new. Things come in the stream and anything. So I want to tell you a little bit about why this is so challenging. Me. And to encourage you anyway to go ahead when you know you more things are going to. Find your opinions. When you. Find your feet when you. Here find your hips. Leap. And find your heart. So I'm going to tell you some things that I found out and then. As a way to talk about. Doing anything. With. Someone. Partly this has to do is you know as we go through life sometimes were able to. Break really become more able to observe things at a more subtle level and not just a curse a lot of reality when you. See it in. All the hood he wants. Which is also the difference as we've been talking about. In the last couple days between how do I present myself to the good and how can I experience in myself interested to know what's going on inside in the means and then going. On. Both on the ski. School strongly with the meetings and you. I think we've all had you know to be a human being is to have been wounded and ingeniously. And. From people described this in various ways. And changed in that. You know but we've all had a lot of creative abandonment trails. When I was. Torn. Things. And sometimes there's a way in which. At the time these things happened. They were so painful and so hurtful we couldn't and second logically we couldn't stay present. In the mornings and all of the leading to the mornings. And then. I would give you an extreme example of this when the only thing. It's extreme I say that you get a good picture but I think we are all in the same way how this same thing happened. And. You can. See. A friend of mine. You know grew up and he was in school president of the class. He was the teacher's pet he did remarkably well in school and harmony and there was a feeling that this and the years in the hands. After college she started studying Mr Bush. And after a couple years ago. Giving the sizes and receiving massages sometimes when people result in his legs he really had pictures of the ropes and chains. On the Syrian border. And. It will be. Kicking. That. Somebody said to him one ensure security clearance if anything happened when you were little. On the second thing. His parents had no you know you know when your little sister was born you're about to really have years old you. Want. It In Your Eyes she came home with your mother from the hospital and everybody was you know in my room your beautiful little sister and you just wandered out the front door. And you. Are saying look we're. Looking for three months nobody noticed you were gone. And then we couldn't find you because I'm going to he thinking. Enjoy your brother we couldn't find you for her today is. Your father got a lot of his friends together and they began to look around the neighborhood. I think. It's. There was a window right down at the level of the street and they looked in the window and there you were tied up. In the air with humans. You were abducted in molested by this man. And. The warden. But then you came home. And. Engine wouldn't talk. And then he remembers you know not talking then and his parents thought. Well it's better if we don't talk about what happened it's better to just forget him get on with your life. And more than that in this. It's really you know he was. The only one. Just to get here and get on with your life. And. Right. And. So he wasn't talking and after a number of months his mother started beating him because he wasn't talking. Really really. Weak. And afterward they said OK. And he realized later you know I just created the person I needed to be who did well in school got good grades had lots of friends. He was thinking. What he is going on with the needs of. So what happened to the little boy. So over the years you know he's found that technology in his grief and sorrow and terror and right you know as a man Brioni and missed sorrows this is another way you start to feel things in your body because somebody is touching something and it awakens the pictures. Yeah on their. Own and. Their chances. So this is in principle yours is if you're a she said. It's not really so good to spend your life hiding your difficulties. And things. And the heat shrink and so on. This is why you know we say if you practice then you will have some difficulty here on your difficulty. On the minions and he is. Around. A stream the stream. The. Pain you have in your difficulty will be a way to. Return your body really have a true self reincarnate into your life. And even. So although this is stories extreme still there are ways in which each of us have decided times I will be the person I need to be to make this work in this world with these people and I'm leaving that pain for a little boy or girl behind they are not coming along with me. And. Unions and he will do like. A nice room in one yeah. So just in a simple way if you said to him breathe. Kinda allow your breath. And I'll be in the know and out of the exhale. Or as I said to lead in your body be breathed. On the used. To. Be reunions. List. Here breasts were to start to touch these places inside your body. Were started to touch the wounds. Healed leaving you with the one we want in. The case of some people then learn how to practice without without touching the wounds and they spend their turn being tough or whatever it is that where they're not going to taste their wounds because they don't think that is important to them in a room. When dealing with someone who you don't. But you know I'm of the opinion that my belief and experience is you can allow the learned to surface and it becomes your gift and your blessing. Right and. You know move through it and the one. Who did this. Is the thing. Or your fear becomes your confidence and then anything. On. Your desire big has diversity. In the same man and. You become you know Rumi has the metaphor of. Your soul is like a. You know highly of an animal that's just being bitchy. More than anything. Else. If. It becomes beautiful with a bigger tanning has to create. Would want to. Do. Things and. So to clean the blood and to cleaning it for the hair and to making do beautiful leather it's a lot of work. And it's just it's. Really good. So now I want to tell you a couple of the specific stories. I want to tell you about five in my hands. Moving. House you know I told your I've spent a lot of time studying like. How to how to move my hands you read how to wash things out of her things how to clean things and how do you use those hands. Is. In. The rooms in the. Back. And again as I mentioned before using your hands this is human right makes us humans who is just down there who knows. Them. And instance. Has this mission. And she. And she. You know so you can this is something you can practice you'll find in your hands. Produced and it's. You know this thing with your hands are doing. Winter. Or if they're not doing anything perhaps finding something for them to do. Tonight as we head into one. So after the sense there. Are always proper they have. Some turn in the early ninety's I started doing their big I mean I've done various There is but I started doing therapy with the women who were there. And released these faithful services go. You. Know. I call it therapy I don't know. Where you see me I would go to her house for two hours I'd sit down others I'd count she's kind of there's all this clutter of the room and I cry. In the house. And the kids and. All And I think. I mean I did I should say are you and I just start crying. If you. You haven't looked at her about it since here who keep crying. Even when you. Have to cheer is that she would say your time sir. You know. Maybe you want to sit in the living room for a while before you go home there's a jigsaw puzzle and. Then nothing on this. Was a good. Beheading. So one time I was there and. I looked at my hands in a president and this hands there not even my hands. And I started crying. And you know. My. Tonight you know this look like my. Thing my. Silver a couple years or two then I was doing. I'd started doing his own healing. And you know he. And. I started Leno How did you know to change people and then I would go in their sessions and be judged. You know with. Whom you would be. The first time and the first session I had. At this particular. Institute. I was with four women. In. The field. And after a while I started crying one woman had my head was called him I had one woman had him here and one woman had here and one woman had movie. Tickets. And. I started crying so loving and screaming to the police came you know that's why in seventy. Seven in the neighborhood because of the poor is. The police did next to come back to the treatment room where I was the receptionist at a friend just convinced the police that it was OK there is this therapy. Do you. Think. This is just for the sides you know. So later I was recruited virgin and I said to my friend Barbara chain. But between this and even my hands. In Burbage in you the question is. Who's partly. This you think. In some big person's. Right you know. And she said and where are yours. Was that. I felt around inside the symbol there in the hose. Thing my whole. It's a little body inside of this big Bridey little Bridey. The hints reached of their birth. Who. And this is. Him and Him that here and in. The suburban Gene said I'd like you to work with me in either practice reach in your little hands about it into your big hands or shrink in your big hands down to your little his. Vanity I don't. Think any of those animals incentives to me will see him usefulness and when was it. Right to do this if I may say so you know takes courage. Listen to what this is all. Because it seems inside it seems like if you reached out those little hands into the big hands you were going to hear heard just like you did when you were that size. When those. Were the words on the axis of things down and it will not be an influence decline. But you know word now you're grown. Into have a lot more capacity and capabilities and power then when you abandon yourself when you were little. And schools in the. City seconds on what. Was left in the. Garden I want to also say that in order to value yourself in your little one is the right thing to do it's psychologically work is healing and powerful important to do. And it's the only way to survive as a smokers and when. That. Was if. You. So Barbara Jr weren't going to go my hand. My right hand in she said I want you to meet me. Who want to warn. Me let me just reach out your little hand bring me. Some. Heat and this is a friend. Who's saying is anyone still there is like it's the most scary thing that every two years it's because of what happened. When your rumors that big a new kid reach out and your God I heard he had abandoned betraying. Your. Position weakness. In funding. In your are trying again and. You know sometimes people who do this work. Out they call it physically you know really that this compassion. Who wants those who want to live. That fish was not going to let go of my hand until parting with her. I might. Get it in your head. It would be until I extended the presence it was in route go right through it being here. And felt her. You know with the corners of my awareness. She was going to let go of my hand. This. Morning. It's almost a joke in there OK OK I'll take yours on your leg or me isn't is a do. So what this is fine there is. You know we have a certain amount of consciousness. It's the consciousness that could be your hand. And you know real freedom. Is to have the consciousness that could be your hand in you or he and not in your elbow not in your shoulder not in your wrist but the intelligence that could be your hand stays down here hand. And then your hand is connected you know to your intelligence which is your mind in your heart when you're here and you can do it with the phone there's your Ram's. You. With. Me. She handed the time we don't know where in your hand it would to. Mean here in Europe find things to do that you never thought of before on the phone. In Assembly Bari you know credible I've. Seen you know a little bit of the movies ever since that and then he started Peter. Truong. For the man who started a Kido and they call him oh Sensei you know a great teacher. More. And. Then to a new movie people are running out of trade tag him and they just fall on the floor. Yanks in the Latin words and when you see the movies you think it must be staged. Anything else. But you know my friend was trying to hush the hearing this does calligraphy and translates Durgan. He studied with us and says a little boy. Lying there. Here. With. Me. And that was somebody who was selling Turkish you know with his body so intelligent with his body or with the you know the field the room if somebody made a move he'd felt it and he just. Needed to keep churning so slightly and they just figure in the past. And he just. Resell easy for him because he was so much in practice it started to have this intelligence and live in a way throughout his body. You know with. Plans leaving the house. Being. Leader. And. He. And this is where. I was so I want to say just a little bit more about this in terms of your art we're. Going on here with. Him because too much of the time being a consciousness awareness there could be the conscious awareness of your heart is not actually in your heart. And it was most of those things we. Just did it was the closest it could be your hand maybe in the elbow or in the wrist. And. We're getting. Most commonly because there's the could be the guard is behind the hard. So you've seen the distance from us and. We didn't need and it feels sometimes like the last thing you would want to do is to have your own consciousness. Texting your heart because again he remember. How long pained your ways. When you were system. Was the truth and I was. And how. Things were. But actually you know that's the past. And today you can move your consciousness hinge your heard or this. Or do anything with. Something and it turns out it's such Really Dave that you don't have to keep putting your heard away from me or. With a sense among. Those on the whole. Thing she. Another time I did a session like that with Burbage again. And everything you know or did some people call that white suit. As she had been with. When he was. And you know she's flirting me around in the water this way thirty rounds in the room and then it out it became really obvious afterward. She is not going to let me out of this water in till I. Move the consciousness of my heart into my hard. One it's giving. Me. That runs. Its. So when in doubt. You can bridge the sadness the despair river it is you can really enjoy your heart in there to come to your heard. Grounds. Something. That I have. Lingen. In sitting. Trot she said if you want your head in the right place here her wrist in the right place. If you want your heart in the red place your hips need to been really the place. I was in school and you might. Come. To me. When you study here were your hips are stable. That's also where your hips are at least they were stable your hips are more it is they have. Rules for you. You will use for the. City was revenue. You see him there. And then you can study you can grow your body can grow tall inside. And then energy for your hips. Really lean forward and back a little bit where is the pitcher or it is me and I'm walking. I'm here to have. More. On. And there's a place where. Your consciousness of his in can being your heart. We've heard his brother here here's. What I was. Going. To. I did in your head. For. The. Wrist and there I was in from third I didn't mean. To gun with a man named Gary Hart. Yeah. Right there hard told me you know practice is our country. As well as chicken. And he told me the original meaning no you know gear which is also in Germany here means sword or spear spear against. You yeah yeah. So I said oh here change your spear into needles seem. To do not the perjury. In the way he said then the trigger he does. You're letting your mind being open and empty clear and then did. She go. Home. And then your heart is flowing with feelings. And in your lower body story energy. From. So. In Europe it's your hands it's your heard it's your breath in the intelligence awareness that could be your breath is it in your breath is it is is it with your breath is it simply is this is a little bit before your breath is a little bit bigger to the breath can your when is being exactly with the breath. It was not. Going to. See one. Thing on the moon. Then you could be NATO people taste what you put in your mouth. Leg on which take. It takes a kind of focus something is in your mouth and then. You. Focus your awareness or intelligence or consciousness. In your mouth whether it tasting really should. Play in the NEWSROOM. So when you bring the consciousness they can be tasting into tasting opens your experience for minutes with. Which family could. Once and. Renew bring the consciousness big could be your hands in cheer hands. Whole new worlds. We're going to do this morning. On the living room. To your breath. To your feet when you're walking. Just don't sing when you please so this phone list of your consciousness being in the. Right experience is. It's so Ridge and free and incredible. Was. The. History. Well no one. But you know this is religion freely incredible nudging you know like. Television movies. But it's you know the depths and into the sea of your life. Comes Alive. Really quickly. On the. Thing. OK thank you thank you for being here this weekend. Vitiated his presence good riddance.