Given on Saturday, October 3, 2009
About this talk
Short introduction to meditation.
Good evening. But just started created meditation. Philip is away this week My name is Ed Brown. And I'm substituting. For Philip. As you can tell you know I have a. Person and cannot. A person. Repast and people are generally more Incognito. And I don't wear this close to the time actually now and I can present myself personally I spent twenty years living at the sensor Scotto. And I did about ten years of a pasta practice which is. Jamie in chains. And sharing. Some many of you because it's teachers. And. So you know if you have some meditation instruction to follow you're welcome to do so. Meditation also works if you sit down and you know are quiet and don't talk and don't move so much and see what happens we spend a lot of our lives trying to get something right to do it the right way and to have the right experience. Is actually a chance not to have to do. If you give all of that a rest. Sometimes I do cooking classes and I say let's take a listen people say what should we be tasting because it would be better you know to have the right experience in just one you happen to have. This is what we sometimes think can I get my step to have the right experience or can I just have experience I'm having Would that be all right so my encourage me to see if you can just have the experience you're having. And not worry about whether it's right or not or the one you should be I've been just happy when you're having and to date if it helps if you were a little bit interested in what your experiences are what do we have here for curious what it's like to sit here tonight workers in relation Ryker exploration. What's it like to paint to feel two. Breeds interest curiosity and you know. A little self empathy hopes. That survives computers and. So they should go giving him a station in. Case you hadn't. OK so. It's night and see what happens and really don't worry about getting. Richer experience is OK the way we go I mean at the beginning.