Given on Friday, October 2, 2009
About this talk
Short introduction to meditation.
Good morning Ali Kinney sitting. First period in meditation I have a reading for you from one of Suzuki Roshi structures direct experience of reality direct experience. Where you are completely one with your activity going you. Know idea of self this could be while you are sitting but it could also be in every your way seeking mind is strong enough to forget your selfish desires but when you believe you have simply. It means you have. Good and. Get back to good in whatever you see what ever you do that is direct experience of reality this point should be remembered usually without knowing his point we are involved in judgments so we say this is right. This is perfect it is not perfect that seems ridiculous wrong we are doing. In China people would carry something on their heads perhaps I meet a watering big jar it's sometimes someone must have dropped a jar. Is a big mistake of course but if you do not look back it's all right you just go. And even though there's no mark on me water. It you go on and that is bad is not a mistake if you say oh I lost it oh my oh no it's a mistake that is not true practice when a skillful martial artist uses his sword he should be able to cut a octaves friends knows without cutting his nose did habit fear it's not true practiced. When you do have a strong determination to do it. Without any idea of skillful or not skillful dangerous or not you just do it when you do something with this kind of conviction that is true practice is true.