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i'm okay so and if you have some interest and and interested in finding and otherwise i'll start taking that someday will go from there

mashed street

i don't know you know it i know so little you know i i am such a small slice of history tells her
key there was so much going on it you know because i was i was mostly sets it
sends to get and i didn't know what everybody was actually doing
i was just following the schedule
and working england
working in the kitchen and going is either
so i am know what you know really you know it was the sixties and open and keep respite and all kinds of staff now

and the first and you know i've been a kind of tanzania you know and i would find a green guns named guy gun and and
dagen was reminded me at a dance of an innocent epistemic as i in the summer
this this thing that he knows not reached just beautiful sunny days and you know as a similar designs can be over like around a bit over a hundred degrees
didn't you know a hundred and six and an eight and then
sometimes it gets stale hundred and fifteen hundred and eighteen
that's what happened at uses right now he lives like hundred eight
and then
so the couple weeks the bag is reminding me of the saying and the heat the flies the madness and allies so i actually make up a t shirt and answered
sit park is i'm having a week for my students we we i can only have like seven people
read million in the singly of august and then i want to have a shirt for the occasion know keith applies to manage the rise tesla house survivor
and it's two thousand nine
that am

the first bank is pretty average in the summer of sixty seven and we had to dedication and the center and was accepting july the for it
and the sender was when student news we had turn the bar and genestin into his anger
red dress her
and they were a lot of lies
somehow now there's the screen doors actually your suspenders and these other doors and then some now people can keep the dealership and knows lisa know the sangha adjusted for reprise and it said
the flies a be
decrying your face in a year in a king air and
and then change everything bags we'd have really do got hurting the fries
and for thy people instead can find that an additional with after the white towels and bath house and he reads the talent you go wrap
wrap and the blizzard retreat and then this line of people with towels with lab credit and and is now and then and then when they get down to the end they began to keep the hood
a pigmy goats and then you can see if you were standing and then you can see at for a
in any clothes and skiing or isn't it scared again get and with xander

i'm turn and this is a spirit of in the when ma said to get a guernsey of usually business it's really hard to give lectures i didn't know what to talk about her and in character's lives ministers
at least you know the language

i am never complain
we set up a guide about how much shipping out i mean there's now a junior high teachers went ahead and talk in english
i mean the dalai lama probably knows english better than any of my japanese teachers and he still gets tiresome tibet as and be translated
a and in your his english is perfectly adequate really

so i started telling you and getting my about an
in your eyes and sagacious advice was when you watch the rice wants to rise when you get the cats cats cats
mr the slipstream sick so i started studying this and this has actually then joined tagging that this morning and that your energy becomes more precise
slip just having energy to spew your angels connecting with your body which away your body has in spades richard body is doing watching to thing you're doing it with
and you actually meeting at in my talk about any such a great example of this afternoon during the walk in some peppers
i mean right and then what can we do it is and then almost everything we do we can discuss everything
we can have them on the as we can happen in the breads we can have been established
it's not a problem
oh once you stayed and seeing what's there and then
while do we do it this in a healing on
so on
and then i was telling you
i never quite been sustained by the way back in the guilt lansdale has a and i i taught you know in japan they say when you're rate just raking in southeast asia when you re read your mind and how in japan they can be strange clouds and to i still in very energetic and southeast asia sometimes
and my kitchen their weitzman and it was a great student israel
so ah i guess it i sister think their minds or appear
a because of course the other way of doing this is that everything is mind and remaining to mind in the most animal
one of the most famous sayings and so to its and his mind itself is buddha
am i entered said think mr images and mr browser and russell
and nap and then people six you know and taken since opponent mark
and then of course present teachers once you say mind itself is bigger and
then and now and then student pizza bank two digits and practices and not nine not bitter finish
now mind number
it's kind of made expansion
it's related to brain since and characters higher
and we have a schedule and then we have assigned seats in the nutritional and especially during practice paid if you're not daily look i'm looking for him
so people who i used in sometimes and feel like it's like one the and police or can be activated if you don't show
and and at the positive traits that have been to nobody comes looking for him
so when else can really cook it you know i can do what i feel like nobody gonna i'm looking for new better get again just anybody even know exists to the care
they didn't notice suppose i was really six presented in fields suppose present new medical attention
nobody cans so insanely good looking and sense in is a very different is describing the painting and and sends incentives i've been to his internet
right where there was one a b m
you know fisher officials added in a always goggles
oh he's got that person to the xander
and anyway that's what it is known for the weather successful and i was teaching a course and a couple women i met a couple of and care day when i learned and was an afternoon soap opera star
guiding right sided two games in the happy i never said
but she said i'm in initial guiding light
and fenders and movie producer
and it went by they said you know and
i forget her name now but she's getting a sergio you suppose we can skip seven and had her career you know her livelihood depends on and having a voice i can of
changed since you get benefit benefits fine to me you might want to check with the authorities
and they came back can a good tidings to others that if we don't get his as and where history so where history
he recounted been pakistan the red and then maybe a night you can have visitors and new york city i guess is that over
so when yeah and and abstain and can i get if you forget your name in an apartment and rests ninety four straight england getting loving that movie producer is it i was in contact with for years but it's an example of yeah emit and
connect with people because
because you know and because he and his excellence and poem but this misfits and bandits in the denison our new like nutrients and bandits in the founder
yeah that's how we actually need be i made his like i am good and immigrated to hey let's get together

but am so we went through this year tells a higher because in some temptation when you go to find somebody like why aren't you in zazen
you made a commitment to be there and you're not there and nine had to come looking for you and you should be there and were counting on you and so you know how are you talking to the other
and over the years been standing how to
you'll be more like you're visiting the buddha a how are you how is your help today
what is happening with you
how are you doing
are you feeling well in indisposed and that and you asked for an accounting rather been making
an accounting of assumptions and assessments and you such a slacker he should be there you just it just scooping up and we knew the residents are train hide near been but it's actually possible to do this at in a respectfully
right mind itself is bigger than yourself or britain and i talk to say burn it and i won't talk down to as though you some slack age
miss it
so even if it is that goodness to having abandoned various and end to
treat them respectfully

so on
i started studying them in a c virtue and then it wasn't so long after that could actually there was a a kind of better if we read too many blessings you know there was a kitchen rebellion
jumping in a cookie everybody years and again and the ginger candy said to me and sending out the people who are working on an unhappy with you and already do things and really liked him a mean are you willing to come to gun and said okay
and then the meeting
camp people were as to tell me
i was going on
sang them going on instead you're treated just like you did a bread and instead going to bed egypt the bread so lovingly in hand of it so can play in august live in such kind regards that's not to a few traders
executed is worse than weird that you know name is rather you treat the bed
and then
and then i remember another one really saying you know you a treat everybody in the kitchen and like just more tools near hand like year the only one who noticed anything and great human gains were essential people and we have taste
when we have snout and we have eyes and they know or rican decide what to do but we'd eat on dennis you decide everything
i mean i was twenty two
reading while and i've been out i never been a manager in charge of anything
and my near preston manager and changes in in on what you're doing
even people who are very proud and which became catches on glue
can tell your manager industry kind and sending him
organize something indirect something you don't even know how to do it
so anyway had abandoned meaning the director said to me sell ad and sends a people are unhappy with year and insight can give them my responsibilities as simply around to do or not and kiss you can also have a different job here could get there

and i said brown
come in on a nappy did against hip and knee i can do things differently but i do i don't know how is the role are you willing to give it a try so i said okay i'll i'll give it a try
and down
i was pretty devastated you know i am than my dad's to for continuance held during the kitchen cooking for hundred people six meals a day
and and i was working in a twelve approaching average again six days a religion

can go slow and same time and try to listen to what people in in germany i i understand and
i was pretty upset and i walked out from that meeting i said at the bottom and stabs the and the you come down this cement steps and then the big steps and said down big steps
and then i work in m t dixon
came along
as trivial as days is made to mike tracking and tennis and respite it's my country and his son answered
acid and high school and cause can go and has gets schizophrenia and is never come back is now forty three
and then as petty would say it's not the acid that causes that it's that you know that something that you know it's congenital to know
it's something's and a traitor it
hang down
but atradius made to my country had cancer intruders one of considerations for a senior students and she was the woman who and actually did mostly and a genius and be as my which became known
the world's best selling book and wilson
service protagonists said forget who it was telling me and really like yeah astounding instant he really likes not every cell and i had an independent and truly kid
basically a to get on the since
the the japanese the japanese chick translation in japanese which is can be used to translate and rocket and sapiens that you should read gap where you can just say wake up side you seek out other nutrients and just have been talk directly to recap
steady carefully said you should take images steady carefully
see what you can notice keep trying again said to get on the suit
in a day rights and august
my rather than my house right so painter and then it came out in my house to take photos that means that sewing projects
can coincidentally he was telling me about taking photos of countering the man had just read and has paintings of kyle one of the means specific counts as opposed to looking over at something's light was coming up soon expenses
anyway and
add chili is my aunt susie vs center students and she started to touch me
and i you what was happening and she said again and i believe in you
and say us see how you can
an honor i don't know how tedious i can't do anything
i i tried really hard and he didn't like
and she just repeated it i have faith in you
i believe in him
said okay i'll give it a try
and so then i started studying something else know i've been studying
when you watched the rise by surprise and then i was tending to see virtue
and then i started studying as when i looked at it i realized yes i am trying to
pro or get i'm trying to prove to others and two people eating when a good kid bail
and i need to be teaching others how to cook
that's when he saw target
have you your here
and i need to be teaching people how to could not just polarized patient interaction to actually take responsibility and make me or happen
and then you're pretty quickly i realized i need to find my successor i need to trained everybody is that make it possible that the i need to train everybody within right possibly be my successor and teach them everything they are running to learn
maybe one of them will good my successor and instead of making myself indispensable i need to make myself to transport
it's very interesting had shared from game indispensable to pay indispensable food dispenser than some as can take over you don't have given a astray too
what you getting a feel when a to you're doing if you're on point
because they need me an indispensable
redneck that also means your slave to rich doing
it's interesting
so i am getting started studying and you know how to do this
and and
i've been sitting the new since
you know
and he you know it's simple recipes in israel
he adds your kind of structure and a basics basics and places day and that you can't depend on them and why didn't you look at what you have first considered retains raspbian in not knowing what to do the raptors
and resists to this day no i gonna i mean my first job here was using the electors
and presenter is submit people again
you eat that present in san in a the instructions to eat the leftovers that day
this you don't know if you're going to be here tomorrow
and my answer changes or eight electors records is i have read the soup
it's dependent state but it's happened rather vectors

in my first job when i was an anime and manga still reside
how is the breakfast lunch good in numbers to be had know bacon and eggs and ham and ancient french terrorist in his kitson rock and some pancakes and heavy handed and

and then
and then lunch with can take the leftovers from tuesday's dinner became thursday's launch when says jimmy became five his lunch and you had to dared from a happy for you realized what was happening
tip use about two weeks in the night
it's the smell and the other side
so like if you roast a turkey and you have a turkey and staffing ends a rice or potatoes and green beans and then cheers to a new there's they use tomatoes gets tricky sale and
that's where better whatever i am very know how these things begin making cancer on still or something and then realize a jealous salaries
the bags langella silence airlines story and chose instead we want isn't that there is easier but basically i wouldn't make a soup
and a main dish out of activists from me
okay for last
and then switch that's what people did and i don't get it like
and i can
hmm now nowadays it like a diva just it's everything is new and then went to a use interactive or some something
and i'm putting right the that they back in a cancer instead the bread with electing a serial
he now instead of water you take the oatmeal and in dessau in little lighting and put it near a meal and then you start starting in the flour and then you been it app and then you said forgiveness
a nearby in southern it and serial just replace is wired is basically the same quiet in sale the places that rent a water
i don't know why they don't get it
i'm telling it to me it's similar would be writer
but if you have say like what do i delete this news state asking himself well what about i tried putting you in bed so i just tried in know you try to out and then sacred and then it becomes a no-brainer said not because you say you willing to try things and see that we made and then know
when i was a cook waited all kinds of is we had providing these refs tasering on the paper so that demonstrate your bread and actually lead to receipt on makes it kind of sourdough bread you can and the bible rising up against him because this slept a receipt your and sour step in it
jay nixon flour and you don't even majors and you let it sit overnight and then you needed some more and actually rises is not like real brandon
about one half
grants fairly thick and it's kind of like sourdough bread
and ways to make grilled bread with because we take our letters and get out for just as kind of what we can't grow against the grain things so that was that's not like your intelligence like let's make it into minestrone and let's add tomato to give it some color and somebody in
but let's make this into
records was great land and snoop
even disappeared things that a great time and saving them anyway said you so i steadied to went to disappearing wearing on sale again organic it would say on your bean soup
it's thicker
and nobody knows this week but nowadays they get this is a brilliant and pretty soon it's a good guy can do so primary reason why people don't do these things is like you have to be sure what's in latin
right now
so i steadied about how to use leftovers and then i was so instead in any way and in a haven't had to teach pupils and i didn't know accepted then i started noticing like i said you are giving people responsibility
and turns out this is not a simple thing
and so i was learning from the ground up
yeah you can get books for this step it turns out of you wanna give somebody responsibility and say i'm wondering if you would take responsibility for
you know making breakfast for cleaning the rock and or for and a day on bag lunches and then when it doesn't happen
responsibility for at least i know that wasn't part of my responsibility no that's there is plenty on ansley
but because people are so different
i'm the kind of person you know i noticed what needs it and i would i would take care of it why last i'm going to take care of it
since i've been here just a had picked up to net to clinics in my napkin up the ground paper
do people were passed him i pick it up
it's responsibility
and an in you can overdo it simply be like my god
well i can pick up all the things that have been dropped and new bruce
reached as
but and it's interesting how some people here is say when you take his don't know thank you know
i'm just trying to my job
and then guys started studying the david genius friends getting accountability is you don't want to take the responsibility bag he gives a me and they accept responsibility to take your virginia and tell him what to do with lunch or when it needs to get tangled
you know i say you need to do this now is if you're singing it is now you have the responsibility haven't given it to then you've taken back in the a button and algerian place we need to be asked them to be accountable how is it going
are you going is it will be ready at noon and
what still needs to be done and cognitive read them through the process to discovering where based on a detail
however the potatoes vicodin tagged
and then you know polygonal and take responsibility back in just tell them what to do but you know and they get on his they just told you by various spots are like you know as you are they know what they're doing
but actually considered in not taken care of it in a way to do this it's something somebody accountable and not taken back the responsibility

and then instead taking my gaze out and then i started turning the kids nobody people and then and then they said to understand
this stressful

it's soup doesn't taste very good read to you do
pretty sane people have the like in your appetite for her
regular going to as the head kirk
sad things will get a bit better
but anyway that's what got me started stripping all this
and then it became not just like how do i have kids cooking bread you know under i teach
what is the thing in an excellent teaching it turns out
now it's like is their master said see with your eyes mounting nursery street newtown
nothing in the universe is hidden radio else would you have any say

and then use the the everything he wanted said teacher agrees and says how do i get just cannot delay supposed to
how do i get these things cannot be way i want to do
tell me how do i do like so when of the things it's not hidden is
that's not really possible to anyone has been created it
entered didn't have to
can it me what's going on and seemingly can do with it
that's what happens when you see and smell and taste and texture and thinking with that is a little bit like a
the prepare
on time i care
when sixty spell reduce the symptoms have been many david's to diverge and so on me they're having tea and zippers isn't so does anybody else simpson you want to bring up and there was a student he said
raise your hand and she said stir vigorously why haven't you enlightened me at

and then
no i don't think there is a very respectful car and
that's the implication of
i you know how to get up at in are withholding it from me for some reason
i give you could do that but you're not for you're not really as and teacher particular were in really liked me by now
this is it's gonna wear why this coincidence think it's really hard to answer when just to have been in line
it's a little bit when and then spending questions
gang den
security prize will ever been he said
i'm making right past effort

and i think he said so many things but it's i remember the beginning of his answer
and that's one of those things that stayed with me
i had stayed with miracles and partly because
you know it's really easy be critical and judgmental
and then especially for me nurtured my own experience
jetzt man by right can't you give me a better experience