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since the and first sunday in a month
ah so there with the kids tax
for ten or twelve minutes or something and see how long it takes been so for the kids talk i brought along a as sutra to share with the kids and say apple j and say apple eating center
so i'm going to start things around here and you'd taking one and don't eat it yet
in is darwin just having a slice of apple i'll take a little size myself
i want to find a little one i say here because i would like to save the bigger ones to you but i'm going say
a slice of apple and i'll start around
i mean if you get really hungry and impatient you can go ahead and nature size of apple but i want to talk to a little bit about eating before you know you actually it
okay so what do you have to wait anyway because you don't have your apis dice to worry and that's the one way or another owned by the way you know last neurons i've been a squeaking bunny to sell you remember my squeaky many binky
thank you couldn't make it today he is and he went to germany to visit a friend
he's halfway around the world this month so he's not he's not going to be here for cambridge said
no he wanted me to let you know how sorry he couldn't be here today
i'm hoping there's enough apple slices to know i didn't expect quite so many of you to come today but
so but i know eating is very interesting and is an example of you know attention and you know given your awareness to something how you pay attention is something new if you listen to somebody or you look at something or you think about something and one of the
the things that we work on and learn as know to practice and to and a full and gratifying and happy life is to actually give our attention to something so it feels really nice thank you when your mom or dad says hi how are you nice to see you that's giving their attention to you and if they
axiom that kudzu and listen to what you're saying you know it makes a big difference to you
and it will make a big difference for you if you when you eat a piece of apple if you actually get your attention to it so you know attention is like one thing and then the apple is like another and you want to take your attention your awareness to understand your attention and you put it on the apple so you notice what's half
opening in your mouth while you taste
so one poets that instead of words discoveries flow out of the flesh of the fruit
astonished to be free so we're going to taste is very carefully and give it your attention often when reading something that were also watching television or talking to somebody
or reading or plane and so we don't give the fruit or whatever it is reading our full attention so we're going as we're going to have a special practice this morning of when you eat the apples see what you can taste notice what you're tasting and what does it taste i can after we taste this and when to ask you
so what did you notice when did it taste like and some of the things you might you know notice are like sunlight do see you can taste the sunlight in the apple and by the way these app has come from my yard
so i want to austin and save you can taste all the work i did to make sure these apples got to you today because i prune the trees and i thinned out the apples in on i've wanted than so you've also consider contains the water and sunlight and earth and we'll see what you can taste
early and notice they say where you can see and then see what you notice during your taste thereupon given your full attention and they will talk about the silence a little bit why you're eating and then we'll see what you notice again many all right no head and we're going to either apple slices now
oh my goodness
i'm sorry i didn't bring enough that saw him
gringo chance to know apples
means know the way or fuji's
oh my goodness

and shooting for a while because often you know it starts out with one flavor and then as you savor it and shoot in your mouth on that as many other flavors
and you know slice food is often has more flavor and then you know how food if it's cat when all those cut surfaces have all the flavor that comes out
so when your mom and dad are feeling really good they might catch you some food
and not just give you an apple to bite into
have you had a chance to ensure up and some of you and i can see are still pursuing so can notice known it's tasting like

so tell me now what do anybody
we're willing to share what you wouldn't you notice is it sweet yes
apple juice apple juice from intuit and so it wasn't sweet

it's a little sour ensuring the by skin then
i get from yeah

away from the cut away from the skin says there are wouldn't you say
it's kind of good you like the apple skin

like dirt
there was a poet who so you know tasted app was very carefully and he said this darkness
miss sweden has that feels thick dark dense and first so he noticed that kind of bird or thing is to or that dirt quality
yeah something else the scheme is more junior the skin was more joey yeah yes
cliff said
i still didn't understand
like greg
necklaces tastes like necklaces i thought maybe that's what he said but that's poetic for you
something else says
damn that's why i think
wow from the ground
because like now
a candidate does taste like a has been the second that could send you a sense instead of light and bright taste to it
did anybody notice you know some you know apples are in the rose family
so sometimes when you taste it rose carefully ago i can maybe the taste still in your mouth and like roses in mindset that they've been in the smell of roses anybody notice that
yeah it's kind of that's interesting isn't it
next attack apple cider and homes
so i'm one of the things out there were steady and you know is to notice how everything is connected
and so when you take something carefully especially if it's actually a fruit or grain or in are not manufactured food that action food you know you'll be able to taste
summers are dirt and some sunlight some water
red clay
what else
are you enjoying that you present yes
energy of and then yes yes

are you raising your hand something to share

thank bridges yet to say isn't it yeah and sometimes department if you take something carefree know the same as will change as it goes around
sometimes you know with actual food you need to do it for awhile and then ryan my favorite comes out there when you eat a potato chip and has a lot of framework first and then less and less than last favour
and you run your life what what is this
the apple the more you'd share it with my kids like more and more like apple said it tasted all the work i did to make that happen

so i want to encourage you to know when you go to a to take things carefully and see if you can take sunlight and earth and water and in a roses and other people's effort and in there are also sometimes people say when you taste an apple apple that sweet like this you change
in your own sweetness
so if you take something good it will enlighten you what a wonderful person you are how about that but it just put it in your mouth though it's another apple
then when you you missed having your sweetness to so you taste it carefully and then you'll notice what a wonderful sweet person you are
isn't that great that you can find that fear sometimes trainer and appam
i thank you
have a wonderful day and i hope you have more apple's coming away


violin smith

front row seats available now

er yeah it shouldn't sit in the advocacy aren't the i would say for their their seats


shanghai go
good morning once again
so again and i'm sorry about you know not sharing app as with all you
but no doubt so much better delayed gratification
and the whole
did find out recently that when they tested four year olds you now and again them for year old they haven't played with the marshmallow on it
and then they say june like marshmallows and in the chance oh yeah i'm not really would like my shows and then they say and they've been playing with the job the one and they bring on a plate with one marshmallow
come and say oh you know what i need to go and do something now and if you can wait until i get back i'll bring you to marshmallows if you can't wait you go ahead need this one

and it turns out that this the length of time that a child can wait correlates to how well they do in school on how you know and their success later in life everything and they can
and the kids to can actually way for the to marshmallows in there just think it's to do much better in life so i'm not sure how this works for you know those events are adults and you know like practicing meditation and waiting
you can awaiting and then we don't know if that's what for
sometimes it's for the bell to ring you know
but people who are good been sitting and waiting and then they do really well in their lives
studies show
informal ones
i'm so i hope that when you do have an apogee or perhaps for new or muffin after the lecture you tastes carefully what's in your mouth and savoured and see what you can taste the future sunlight enters and water
and and are the creatures and the work has gone into it
the poet and real good has a in our son and that i love i wanted to sign is dorothy is about eating and about apple
so i want to share that with you
he says around apple's is banana vanilla and raspberry peach how all this afternoon speaks
death and life in your mouth
everything is reporter david wright says everything is waiting for you and then when he introduced his problem he said at first to hear everything is there anything you think oh great
like everything so when you say something carefully and say i'll say you know both life and dancing their since me i interrupted the pan round apple smooth banana melon is very pinch how all this after and speaks death and life
can your mouse i sense observant and in child's transparent features while she tastes his comes from far away
when miracle is happening in your mouth while you eat instead of words discoveries flow out of the flesh of the food astonished to beat free
dare to say what apple truly is the sweetness that feels thick dark dense at first then exquisitely lifted in your tasting
is clarified a wig luminous semi or the real double meanings
oh joy knowledge pleasure immense
this comes from far away you can also in other words taste right brother david's tenderized you know i've been addicting friend gina says the beyond there's something beyond
so when on in know usually name it ends and ser mansion is sometimes the absolute or buddha or something you know but there's something from beyond so you also taste when you give your attention to something carefully directly and alas and then to jeju and to come home
dear and it grows and your taste in your awareness
life and death
or the sun air work effort from something beyond this comes open says from far away we don't know how it comes and know it comes to us so often than we can be in a great phone
an appreciative and have what to began when the real cause praise
and we'll consider to praise is everything
one who can praise comes to is like or out of the silences and rock everything turns to vineyards everything turns to graves
this is our awareness and the capacity of our awareness to give life to what we're aware of and to see deeply into went were aware of
and to experience how you know full and rich our life is any moment even though it's nothing special
sometimes in january emphasize nothing special
virginia suzuki or she said what's ordinary instance you look for something special
and you keep rejecting that's in front of you because it's not special enough and so you don't give it your intention
and was actually special is the ordinary when you give it in full attention and you let it speak to you
he let it grow in your awareness

can reports the same is true with you know today it's a beautiful sunny
day and this autumn as sunny autumn made indian summer here in california and you can prevent the air come to you and your breath and all of this has this capacity to nourish and sustain you
and to be full of life and death and love and gratitude and thankfulness praise
and experiencing
with your attention and giving your attention to what's happening you are reminded in know what
in a wonderful person you are what a blessing creature internet is
kind of course in our tradition you know the fact that a blessing personally know sometimes we say you are new now
and says against you are buddha and during ordinary been
and an ordinary person
so we don't want you to think when you think i am buddha and that means that i can do whatever i want not quite
you know
or that game when down and we don't want you to think i'm just an ordinary person
and because if you're just under a new person you might think you have to do something special and wanted to
in order to get attention
and in order to be recognized and acknowledged by others
might think that your well being is based on your performance
rather than on your own capacity to be aware of each moment and what's happening in each moment and what is coming to you from beyond
christina we have other words from islam buddhism you know like what's coming to because your karma
i don't know much about karma and how that works
that ten you know we have you know things come to us from beyond i let a current that
so this is but another way to say this you know is that they
the the moments that things that are rising in our life at any particular moment and any particular time you know we're not in charge of bed
can't control what's going to come into our life and in particular moment
that's beyond our control
engineer this is one of the mistakes that we make of course is to think that i can control it comes into my life and if i was better at controlling things i would have been different things come into my life and i wouldn't have unpleasant things coming into my life and i can have pleasant thoughts on that the an unpleasant thoughts and i can
have some feelings and ninety unpleasant feelings and i can control all of this
and of course this is an in-app inaccurate kind of thought
because things can be controlled what comes into our life is beyond our control
when they would say it comes from beyond or something good it gives you or something from and god
or it's a teacher
you know it's an innocent people the colloquial california expression you know is it's a gift
and that's why we call it the present

and of course for it to be a gift you you know when your awareness with your intention would you give to whether it's your thinking and feeling the sensation with people you're with the the fresh air they walk in the sitting
the circumstances and you know we also gotten sick persons and the ingredients and your life
and what will you do with these ingredients of your life that are apparent these ingredients and appear each moment
what will you make a bit
and of course and master dogan says and don't complain about the quality or quantity and the ingredients should receive
just handle them carefully and sincerely and do you can with them
and a good cook he says will make a delicious soup and a wild grasses which other people named you know cream to make
since sometimes we have in a week seems like at first glance we have can import ingredients in our life
and sometimes you have been steady how to use the ingredients you have
sometimes years of study
you know but it's figured these things out life silence a friend of mine went to you know are making school and soon as we can pick the olives on her street
and then brian him herself and she gives up her bathtub for however long it takes a month or something we the olives and with the liar whatever it is and then you know time is full of balance from month and then she in a robinson rampant in the month so you know you have to do something olives to make them
the ball
and so and you know not everything is animal and were steady me know was how to use various things and went to what to take in
and what to let go of
whereas before we eat a well aimed and of course is integration mentioned that meditation is your chance to digest
and he said you know all the experiences you chicken in you know i'm a chance to digest your experience and meditation and digest and sometimes you know it's really something so much harder to digest than others
but he also then said you know meditation is like going to the bathroom
so this is a meditation is like a bathroom for your mind
physically we all know how to go to the bathroom they mentioned that we don't always know how to let go of you know what's come into our lives and to dangerous something can do we have a chance to that gum so meditation with that normal things actually by having them come into awareness as
and reading go
not holding onto those things as they come up
so again one of my and
in our interest lately as and i think last month i spoke about and listening to your inner voice or your heart
and i'll sell you know meditation is a chance for us to listen to our inner voice or heart and
some people call this you know your true heart's desire since the hero she got it you're in most request what is true in most request
and you know it's not like listening and then you can have in a turn the channel station and then oh there it is out of all those other channels stations there's is my inner voice
so it's actually a fair amount of study and know how you know what is your inner voice and what and which are all the other voices
and to be able to listen and hear their inner voice so there's a kind of quality a little bit like the apples you know of unearthing and allowing things to come up from the rouge and giving it the sunlight of your awareness their intention and letting things sort themselves out and sit
on through things and sorting through things and finding what timely isn't i am and what is your in most request
an instance also various things you know i mean a basic way bonus some suggests that are in most is i wish to be happy and i wish to benefit and their beans
may i be happy may all beings be have been just as i wish to be happy and may i use my gifts to benefit others
but sometimes since the know mysterious how are going to do that
but itself well you know goes to have his intention to be clear this is my intention
but if you're intending to benefit others and then that's different than in are intending to get what you can get the situation in iran when the very in distinguishes between the mind of exploitation the mind of nurturing the mind of exploitation says what can i get out of this and once they've gotten what i want to get out of it
i can move on and i can leave the trash behind go west young man
and the garbage you know where you were and then you can go to some new place and create more garbage there
sir this is in his broken and the unsettling in america
and the mind of nurturing is more like this mind is giving your attention and things and actually caring for what you observe and studying how to be with it and venison once you receive in your life
so lately i'm
i heard a couple of stories you know which i want to share with you and i actually meant to share one of these with the kids
but i think we know
next time
for not gonna call him back now
i was in phoenix recently and i met a woman jennifer who who is as a tea house there and i think it's actually in tempe caught them on dollar tea house
and it's she serves organic teas wines and indexers
vegetarian food
and then she has special occasions she's very good at train advance and bringing people together so she has movie night in a spiritual movies and inconvenient truth ten christians for the dalai lama
and then she people come and watch the movie and then they they have dinner watch the movie visit with each other since she's always creating events and next door she has her spa and beauty treatment you know store
concluding you know things like that there's a new chopping other which i just discovered their the way of chocolate
that kind of way
as a move away
and if you're interested you can go into the way of chocolate dot com
and if you'd like their chocolates you can also email them and race at way of chocolates dot com r passion and way of chopin's dot com when chocolate but i found it you know so i just amazing in and since obviously not a good
it's nice to nice creating spaces and getting people together and she's really get it then how does she discovered that that soon she is
and how does soon discovered that that's her way to benefit people
so eventually know we have lunch and retargeting then she started showing me around them beauty the beauty supply place in the spot and she says it and then somehow comes up her son now diego's thirteen
and i said see we have a background in resto oh no no i am no an advanced degree in international business
how really yeah i used to work in that field you know and i had a job where i traveled in different parts of the world and i was you know executive
all kinds of stuff in a full time nanny
and her son she said one evening her son when he was six or seven said to her
mom why are we live in like this
we don't need all this stuff
why don't we go on let's go bomb but have on can see same take a be quiet i've got work to do i get typing i'm gonna get to brazil in the morning
don't bother me i am more important things to do can listen to you
but little by little you know he kept after her and not mr certain that same made me mad
come on why are we living like this
what are we took mean why are we living like that
why don't we do know go home why don't we have a home
and you know it grew on her she kept listening to him riley so she quit her job and international business to she's soldier house should get rid of other things and shane sending them back in with their mom and phoenix arizona
great international hub
that it is but then she brings balance in a certain amount of all these things and to her g has
and so now she has a the simple life and she has a home reserves so
send this term in in this case you know her innermost in rice request was actually speaking you know and the voice of her son and she finally listened
but we cannot you know whether it comes from you know our partners are our spouses or a know out of our own life why are we living like this
how do i really want to live and you know we're all doing the best we can but sometimes we don't think about this
because there so busy you know keeping up with our responsibilities in our affairs and making it our work making ends meet
is there another woman i met in phoenix amy
a number of years ago and decided to teach mothers to cook
this has gotten the beer really unusual concept now
in nineteen eighty five about twenty five percent of american families a together
i think now it's less than ten per cent
families not even together so she started doing cooking classes for mothers
and it turned out didn't even though women came to her classes
they didn't actually good sir then she started doing she decided if i'm going to teach my there's to go guy and not only have to teach them how to cook i have to be a life coach
and how you'd think about what you want in your life and how you make that happen
and how you can make plans and how you can have know shopping lists and how you can have menus and how you can decide things for yourself and you can actually do this
since she's very familiar with and and you know she's got now and now
excuse me but you know this is now university studies
i mean this is like a no-brainer to me
we don't realize that in know how important it is but the university studies now said that when families eat together that children healthier physically mentally more stable they do better in school and they it's and as likely that they'll be involved in now
dahl and drugs this is not complicated
she's called family and food and somebody taking responsibility and you know saying that it happened
and it comes out of finding your ministry grasp it comes out of your heart it comes out of your decision because we can say well i don't have time to cook and that means you've made a lot of other decisions they don't leave your time to good and you made all those other decisions without including the possibility that you might choose to cook
that kind of higher up on the list
because it's not you know i don't have time to cook makes it sound like it's not my phone
i think have time
really so you don't have time because well because i'm busy with knowledge and the things that i've chosen to do and all the other things that they need to do to compensate for all the other choices that i made
so dear amy is very passionate about this
you could actually change to kid the good actually offered food to yourself and your family and friends and you know it can be as simple as in a slice food
it turns out you know most people mostly most of us knows that time or not worth sliced fruit
if you're a know i've been to a number of the parliamentary treats and and of some children's off in a bowl of fruit way out and breakfast
and there's a cutting board and some knives and then there's a trash barrel or something for the trash and you see a lot of banana peels
can it just to challenge and to eat an apple or and eyes and says so much it's too much work and i'm not worth it and neither are you
and that's why we didn't cut it out for you and the first place
and so you're not going to canada from for south and i thought about this at one point and you know i talked about it from damage i'm an estimated one ones who said that your mom when she was a little and seem really happy and full of or a moment say well they couldn't think she's worth slides food today
so i'm not the only one who had this idea you know
slice through it has something to do with your worth in life you know and are you worth it but this is again in example the when you're willing to cook then your willingness to give your attention to food is your willingness to get your attention to yourself and to others and to offer something to yourself or something to others and you're doing this because you
notice that you yourself and the other people are also from beyond you know that you're worth it and this worth transcends annual performance
or accomplishment or and ten vendor you know anything you have to show and demonstrate with i'm worth it
symphony three pretty interesting

so it gives as and apparently they happen to us and partly it's because we take the time in our lives to study
so another as i'm moving recently about spiritual teachers and there was a woman named debbie ford on there and she first of all and one segment is maybe talks about how she had an addictive you problems with addiction with drugs and alcohol
and then one day series in her tenth rehab program
and there a tenth of a inner tenth rehab program and she and she had this sense of if she left she always had she would never survive
so she was in the bathroom and she got down in the floor of a bathroom the rehab center and started praying and something came over her and she stayed for the rehab program ten and got herself straightened out

many people mentioned you know how addiction powers have to do and you know it's merely prior a spiritual quest
and you're looking for something from beyond from for love
and for well being
for praise which we could be offering and we could make a practice in offering given our self attention on meditation is just to give yourself some attention now give attention to what's horizon in your been
to very sweet thing to be going
although it's also sometimes it is tasteful
his self awareness or is bad news
said sometimes you know what you're discovering his kind of distasteful but it's sweet thing to be doing to finally give yourself and the attention that he always wanted thinking that why doesn't the world give it to me
some later i'm debbie months at a went to see alma and other woman the indian remedy this hugging people
a good day for her you know is to sit down for twelve or sixteen hours and without going to the bathroom without drinking uranium and have thirty or forty thousand people
i don't know how should desert
i just physiologically know but soon as you guys so damning for it went to the armor
event and she was kind of depressed and it was done in the big day on there was only three percent she was sitting outside
i'm feeling sorry for yourself
and alma actually came up to her
it's gonna be a really rare that are singles out somebody who's sittings embracing those up to them because most issues you know headed up to the altar and you know people are coming out one by one to be hugged
i thought i'd like to get some time but it turns out yet the chance for a couple of three hours and then a lot of these things started about ten o'clock at night live at home and four in the morning i can't do it sorry
maybe it's great to be by the divine mother but in a right
so you can be sitting there feeling sorry for itself in allah comes up during says he a pretty discouraged and she says yes i am an ahmed says to her when you know you have the eternal flame the eternal same
inside of you
it's kind of small right now but it's there
eternal flame inside of you know we say good natured also it's your you know in most requested sir hyde consider
what i'm a toddler decision you have the eternal flame inside a new and i want you to know that every choice you make is either going to increase that thing or diminish it
so i want you to work on and think carefully about the choices you make in your life
what's going to increase your eternal flame and what's going to diminish it what's really going to bring your well being and satisfaction and happiness joy and your life and what is going to diminish it
can sometimes you know it's difficult to admit it
i'm at times you know rather essentialist in spite of all these years i'm saying practice or maybe because of other citizens enhances
so you know i enjoy the proverbial glass of wine with dinner
and i'm i'm so fortunate in some ways they will i can't really have more than two of these one glass alone of these two and is specified in the theaters
because i just i can do it i don't know how people do it you know what was their livers or something they have better there is the me or whatever it takes in know so it's not like i drink a lot but it actually turns out you know as i've gotten older and that even one glass of wine with dinner i don't say
as well
this is really hard to admit
perhaps the enjoyment i have in a glass of wine is not working and sleeping it is you know like and i'm not going to sleep at night
i figure it out
what's going to increase the eternal flame or your well being and what's coming degrees and and in buddhism you know we're spending how to make wise choices
wise choices are not the choice of somebody else tells you about how to bear went to do but choices that come out in your careful attention to what's your experiences and answers to apples
brent your feelings or sensations your thoughts and you notice what's what
what works and what doesn't work
and when you get your attention to things and then you make more wise choices if you taste for into putting your man's pretty soon you can be you know you don't eat things that aren't so good for you can it's not because you say well that's an unfit for you
and then you shouldn't need then and like well okay that i'm so deprived
no just serve like i don't mean that is not there's nothing there there
or something that i actually can taste and and when i give it my intention i taste of sunlight on the earth and the water and the work that people who have done in the roses litter in apples

also that's you know
me the program me he says what was said to the rose that made it bloom as being spoken here in your heart now
in into my heart so it was dead to the rose that made it is being spoken here in my heart now
okay thank you blessings