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nissa side to side
and notified what what you mean that
are he said that we should not be hang on the up going on
who or what would be nice
but to keep away from intoning is not to ignore
desired itself
a wall where misunderstand k this point
our bodies and to ignore desire the presence of desire
but when the bot of faith
please keep away desire people and with no well yes i don't like the first give that hers the wall try to completely ignored by
try to get hunting loop
hum you
and so
it is possible to that
it looked up completely croyde boy okay pink floyd the way and tried to get comfy new
what has nothing to do way human life
but detective picking what you mean by keeping away from the dubai okay very important point here
to fail to people were on desire a
that they have to leave all the true what yeah me
i hope
that's why we have to keep away from
to keep a webform desire is imply that you live inside
hey you like so before you
you could amplify is emphasized if you're sure to keep a from desire
they live already curtain or guy
foreboding who is very want
a bodies me doesn't need go
the present from desire
the universe
what a four k the best care or
the desire
what try to do i know field of life hey according to help
neither now filled who fell
of so viewpoint help people in other words desire k inside
the human being
holistic have characteristic what did try to conquer funky
google comes with a rough rule in order
the in where you go to japan and if you tried to read write train ride on a train
many people make or i'm new order with plum quite calm
before train come into the platform and they've really vehicle
and woman who ended training and last thing you try wheel
no way everybody
if if is human desire
the body who know so well what human who died
for buddhism don't ignore this human desire
but be careful in a beautiful tried to take care of the human desire very carefully baker because to exist within what would you call within
i hear read that
here bread
in daily life or daily life between the daily life and to
lightman and good
the to the
right at the age of work key here is the ocean and a the shores
i can wave is always coming here to there are short
the tooth is
right just had to eight of their water
if you if you miss something you arrive with completely computed left little bit
just flew
this is a patchy
it's pretty high keeps fame but you daily life you it feel for much
just read
one woman if you met at one moment
in know you are completely out of the edge of water
so water waves carry you into the ocean pm
what they
but you shouldn't you shouldn't
ah but you shouldn't be no day
why you shouldn't ah let the human desire go
as it right war at random
you have to take
care of the desire paid qb baker
let's fi the buddhist practice is
continuation continuation of practice
what is going on woman
for him
that's why but body such as practice based on patients
patients calling why we need a patient
cause tooth or human desire the tooth is
to to go to can go in whatever direction
ah hear read
the to or confusion
by the way or taking care of desire you can go
oh you can turn your life into the to
or you can go you can go to the computer
it depend on whale taking care of desire
whether or not that desire
or no matter where know when or where the buyer golf game to the to or computer
john smith
so unnecessary desire or netted five desire
within a hair's breadth kick
right at the age of the war
became the shore and work
like h
they him
the monastery and they must face
put your shoes
cut tissue
yeah if you say i want to prop denver and kit
i me he said this coming
no ma'am and that time with you
nit what you are put off your shoes outlet them
if much says of issued three put your shoes in order
it is so photo i d c
photo like you then the moment when you think well let's say idea that through the five year
the moment when you think so your life is based on completely idea what you created by you that's idea he and it's bodies
there is random the confused rife get confused like
wait a moment when you think well a swoop
if i do
the lease confused like
didn't he says and niches side design
will you miss you you and say
just it
well that don't get in when you yes sir
but youth in order and is
right they just they're more right
he says necessary decide if say
what you can use

getting decision

i like to transfer
she'll come in today
many patriots few
our adoption
ah to
through on you at any cost
did he have to
human world
in terms of negative aspect
even though
when they are explaining the practice or then
as for the lambert says no men
what's so to community brewer says
nothing i gonna do says emptiness
hogan says just sit
oh well as and patio emphasis on
negative aspect to my wife
but yesterday
a explained in the passages
the off
a sutra
but the translation i did was not a good
i like to change little bit
i will lead again
the first sentences
the is that to it conduct in itself which is meaningful and beach novel
yesterday i mention that to plug to switch must be lit in content and reasonable
so i would like to correct the least the too hard to conduct gain itself which is meaningful and beats novel
the second sentence is in ten three keep away from an unnecessarily entanglement and grieved by attaining nothingness
third sentence is tranquillity sacred wisdom and enlightenment
this particular
i discussed
the this point we discern and judge
employee day and to noi couldn't find from word and you i used their trunk wait a sacred wisdom and enlightenment or form the into new one
literary translation
dear plans for to be transformed into new banner is to to be determined to enter to new one
to to be turned to enter to nearby
this is literally me
a youth so we pick up pick up the word transformed
maybe not popular you have we explain
in the first sentence
it's describes about meaning out of the middle of the are outta a r t h a
as distant and says the arctic is that true highway conduct in itself
what is meaningful and reasonable
which is complete a universal
and meaningful
or which is reasonable enough to gain the confidence up
or what makes a thing of be as it is
and mix
the truth be as a days
and this is to hearted the to how to conduct in itself this is out the meaning of up
so the arctic is
according to my own
word the purest conduct pure situation of a conduct the human conduct in the curious situation
did is art which how we can sustain your life
will make your life meaningful
which make your arrive alive as it is this is a out
the true highlight conduct
then after boot the bullet when the buddhism they wait the development of buddhism
i kinda one for bullets school at ten die
describe this outer
building building building actors doubt tree
saying the three kinds of tooth why is emptiness the second is and provisional reality
so is a middle way
the ten date school taught to describe raw
ah on the subject of our top
a it today you should keep in mind
we can have it can sustain that too high to conduct in itself in our daily life
this is our practice
and also it is meaningful and reasonable and regardless of the idea whether you are aware of it
ah the second sentence intently keep away from are unnecessary entanglement and played by attaining nothingness
keep away from
an unnecessary interment and great by attaining nothingness
the important point is by attaining nothingness
the it doesn't mean
that you try to you keep away from interment and greed first and attain nothingness it's misunderstand
the by attaining nothingness ms
don't miss the border at first wall accept
necessary hangman or necessary or unnecessary desire or necessary design
what great and necessary breed was necessary agree
what could turn your arrive into buddhists war buddha nature or buddhist confession
in first war buddha perceive accept this in tongued
by important point is you should spread you should show display tongue movement and and unnecessary tournament and greed within the emptiness within a in the realm of emptiness k
neither is it should be they should be in the court so called emptiness
ha p
for instance
i'm making a rule
to have far chance
to talk
something about
ah life according to buddhist teaching
and to quint our community to communicate with each other in
fundamental ground
in life when men from nature in life in my family
it is
my way the kids city
i might have spots for i tried to get the chance to talk
something about life according to buddhist teaching
and to communicate with each other not in puffins of the human word
in fundamental level night
i'm missing the paper
ah you should put too many times came on it
while anyway i'll wait for me
as long as even though my wife my children what isn't that why is a right and provisional reactor the app and beyond
the computer measure major kids my wife
rated provisional yeah it because actually for the times we're always fighting in
at the subjects of human life
also we tried to always get out
and no get out
the staying get out from the channel on the tribal staying at the or water
a smart
ignoring looking into looking into the depth of right
the earth we tried to pack lahore a car for the way the war wiki eye patch
re if you put the whole the default grant the hall from now or water which is the next day that way you have to fight
the next day we smile good money a time next day and game like
it's clear waves to pick that sandwich same applies to your and eventually became a fence
even though all of you are their students so you know so well what really dislike you'd understand so well that of human life not touching new role as the white kid grew up front about
movements the sometimes we have to fight
then you tried to always how can i
communicate my friends with my friend
without creating trouble
well i have to a huge give birth and candy to him
the ordered q communicate much bit
log and viviane and we with him but maybe tomorrow morning when i meet him a huge smile toshio them
then we use a moment when you meet him
well that's okay but he did he doesn't matter to pass by
then not immediately you feel and

stringency can be
it's pretty hot even though foot
time it sometimes you have to ignore case such a entanglement what happens in this and surface of what then you tried to sink into the bottom me what case
if you think if you think into the bottom water think you will realize something more than that many things with tab fancy ads a war ah
how many fishes many fish mini series
hey calm and quiet
that's why to talk something about something that write something about life aspect of life according to the buddhist teaching is to make me think into the bottom
move why it is very good it's very good
one day
i fight with my wife
on he
concerning about just feel twenty not so important plant seeds but though
concerning with the motto of five education children education
the sun went to the popovic the school in san francisco reading school that time a teacher always give gave for let's my homework is free hot he wants very hard
for the children too complex whole walk everyday
the but i understood the teacher why he she had to give a little homework
because in ones to classroom she teaches she had to teach
for fifty two fifty chance
one teacher one teacher for or four fifty two it's pretty hard to teach completely
so i see always give by rotten homework you should do it
but sometimes it's pretty hard to walk to do homework one day but i'm one day the sun started started to cry because i don't want and don't want
to feel homework but i push him
model which
she do this
he said
it's not necessary it's not necessary to fit to do homework tonight i will do tomorrow one know should do tonight
then live king
at that time travel crock gmo clock
it was trailer
so she was very angry with
you should consider children health
shut up
a kick out
and continue to bless him home
next morning
we just want to
but i didn't fight with know
every day i tried to explain what bullies me what would teaching
to take care of human life according to buddhist teaching watching carefree view reality t
then she said one day
i have completely been broken in by you
since then
as she laughed
i have completely been broken year by you
not by me by buddha
the tempura
this is philip

jens that really
i bet it is
he went nuts ok

i think by
whatever happens
we need we are in need of communicate with each other
in though
deep level of understanding life
instead of
being crazy about putting the whole when captains in at someplace war sometimes the you law and what kills me
or yourself in human life
calling to put a stitch
this is very important
that's fi buddha says intently keep away from and necessary entanglement and greet by attaining nothingness
by attaining nothingness
whatever kind of trouble ah tung man or greed
should be displayed
in the expanse
ah field of nothingness
he was in nam
are you not it
nothing is necessary
no reasons
what we were fully them
when of fully can now point from like get money for you again here
we have to we have to take care of yourself that time by you know buddhist wisdom
them them because there is no room to think of it
there's no room to think
just keep quiet
by it's not easy
fine with practice by some time we have to thinking the bottom of human life what's happening in substance
ah because it's subsite it's it is
the mods that same meaning of the death
it's it's what to say me on to death
you can get out
the death itself while life itself is already his credit in the realm or nothing
no nothing
it's pr
it's pretty hot
because mean you can see the you can see it immediately think wow vicious death
that but yours body mind and hold by mind media t v against protecting your life
but you can't protect your body and mind completely hundred percent
it's impossible
even though you do try to protect your life at that time
kent seventy percent you can
dense thirty percent is make you make you afraid fear or sad
because already death life and death case shown the red of emptiness emptiness is already total picture right the including the right seventy percent and
thirty percent k

ah and diverse reasons

ah i mention v often about the japanese calligraphy using the brush
the weight you right click luffy
this is stick and is is navy's thirty percent
the brush brush on
the last thirty percent
the half of the brush you should
the half of the brass
the saw the inc
were you right click ravi don't use for half the price
the seventy percent we shoot use
thirty percent is always free
thirty percent is always free to for yourself or brush for brush itself for paper itself for calligraphy itself can
for for itself thirty percent it of it's free
they used to use of a seventy percent
that time he and then you rate the cleveland v with a rash seventy percent
click key is completely alive
showing your spirit your body spirit
why and on this that the like this is true because thirty percent is always free
the in your day life should be cited percent you should get you get thirty percent off with me through the thirty percent
you feel wrong randy randy
you feel fear in feel anger and ill emotional yeah
when the moment when you are several at the eighth the six consciousness
starting to can be i exercise in fear
you feel pensive was sat fear
flu the sorry percent
but this thirty percent is nadia twenty percent doesn't occupies the function of a human consciousness six percent but when you're a six consciousness at work you feel pity you feel cell
on me
but while eating only thirty percent is means thirty percent which is free for you or for paper for cable of the is a ms that you arrive is based on feet
based on reading of complete complete revelation came late and it was nothing
no amount of discussion discrimination
this is life
before you aware of yourself your life is here
but in our daily life you can show you you can manifest yourself on the seventy percent or eighty percent not hundred percent
whatever how however normal how effort you make you can't show you can manifest yourself hundred percent
always you feel
you feel and satisfaction
this is it comes from thirty percent of your life
it's miss your life is i free
without nobody can disturb you know what he can disturb
even your six senses cannot disturb your life is so
but when you're when your consciousness start to work you few that pynchon
for years since this is important this is true
at when everyone everything is based on importance
but that six senses minute to try to try to look at this human being
it's pretty hard to get out
the function of the six consciousness
because there's not much you would do your verse what you to say what you what you are born in this world is to say what your consciousness six kinds of businesses works what key
so it's pretty hot but strictly speaking it is okay and we brought doesn't ignore the punching on the six consciousness of
the six consciousness always tried to catch your portal the you're right you're alive
only this surface
not this base basic level
basic level of your life is always free always three
it's the apply you what whatever you do you are free you will be
you can make a choice what to do and talk to you
want to go the japan want to go your out for you want to go san francisco that's free
you can do anything
because everything is based on the free
but on this wherever of human life we have to show we have to show your life
based on complete degradation monday
but human consciousness it's not going to how it for you make an effort
it's pretty hot to manifest yourself hundred percent reverse total picture
complete three completely
the completely free means complete liberation is it the emprise the total picture rive including seventy percent and thirty percent
so you have to understand your life based on the manifestation manifestation of yourself
some feeds
some feelings with some key
melancholy why enjoyment
why you sulking
ah then human we are always struggling for
escape from this something for pieces fit but strictly speaking the thirty percent in prize your life is completely based on
whenever you make or whatever you do you always you have to others feel
and such fun
it's a stoop
but this thirty percent is on each nanny is fee for you what you for your kind of sniff for either
when for the then
or teacher
well friends
why wherever you feel
make making mine com
and or you have to is make your every possible effort to take best care
if you if you are
the in a folly can get little
you are always
think into their kwikset crichton
it isn't impossible to find quite satisfactory will matter what happens then
isn't that isn't it possible to find life satisfactory no matter what happens
yes you can it is you can find satisfactory but it's fucked we knew fight when you find the side of factory southern faction guest satisfaction in prize boss spec key function
and satisfaction
the other as you have to understand but seventy percent or it
seventy percent make you a satisfactory
thirty percent make you answer so much
i mean whatever you do i mean the whole percentage is better place you can be at work researchers don't know know i mean no it hurts to whether it feels good and matter what it's okay in satisfactory i guess i see this isn't some kind of go make
some kind of course
my idea like this means just idea of of the enlightened man is that regardless of what happens whether it's hot or cold weather it feels good or bad you come to accept it
just accept
without worrying about whether it's satisfy his sites
that's right
his he right
you're right you're right
i have
then please put many hours on your your point you put
he ordered to understand fully
i always mason not idealistic understanding and realistic understanding is okay okay this is too because idealistic understanding comes from your whole life so i don't i don't mean i'm not saying you're idealistic and
one k idealistic is okay but idealistic understanding is provisional the average vision the and
for you
for for not your actual practice kid a cheaper will you wait your with will actually vivid practice in your daily life it's pretty hot
to put a foot to put their your id list understand the into it into practice
always you confuse what what what smart
just accept yes just accept by jeff accept and fan so opposite end of night yes except by a small from easy it's not easy
who instance when you sit there then just like that
just accept everything whatever happens
what the what is just accept immediately when the moon when i see the beautiful face on the camera body sampler i smiled wow
it's not just accept already it's me it's implied that's my idealistic and standing or it started to work
flashing right
issue like it
i think you understand so about your concerning about jones does it can sign with you
it's not so easy
but that's why
that's why a knicks as so sentence says took quite a secret wisdom and enlightenment are turned to enter into nirvana
means you understand yes just accept this thing just accept what look how how how percent how percentage how percent how seventy percent you are satisfied to it the mud just accept and satisfaction or side such
that's acceptance should be turned and to enter into nirvana
you know you attain enlightenment says through the oven
christie needs a beautiful beautiful
that time
they will you see when you go to the city and see the many people who are struggling for their life
you think war for guy who were going to sit
him you don't understand how wonderful surveys
ms in which means you already look at the people who are completely different from you if you are enlightened men they are an enlightened me see
so there is some discrimination yes amount of discrimination where you are not and enlightened not night and myth so you are poor man
ah term the acceptance complete acceptance of you are a whole life
must be turned to enter into new violent ms
to see to see others
in the same and different ch t ag
can make it
it was quivering are inactive map
if you are a cane liking in latin
you have to see other people in that way
if you have some mountain discrimination you are not enlightened you are an item
it is not though the real function of viewing life