The Second Paragraph of the Genjo Koan

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Monday, August 15, 1966 -- (A)
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Monday, August 15, 1966 Sesshin Lecture, Lecture A Sokoji, San Francisco
Source: Original City Center tape. Verbatim transcript by Adam Tinkham and Bill Redican (5/10/01). 1It sounds like the tape was re-recorded, at a later date, from this point onward with a different lecture. That is, the tape for a lecture originally on Genjo Koan Paragraph 2 was later recorded over again with a different lecture. (Or the first part of the “ -- among many instructions” lecture was recorded over with Paragraph 2 of Genjo Koan.) 2This is the earliest surviving part of the lecture, although the opening words are missing. In a contemporaneous recorded commentary, the tape operator stated that the opening sentence was approximately: “There are many ways to study Buddhism.” That commentary is appended to the end of this lecture. *** File name: 66-08-15-A: The second paragraph of the Genjo Koan (titled by pf) (Verbatim)