Mind Itself Is Buddha

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Friday, August 19, 1966 -- (C)
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Friday, August 19, 1966 Sesshin Lecture, Lecture C Sokoji, San Francisco --------------------------- Explanation of fascicle Shobogenzo Sokushin Ze Butsu. Koan story of Daizui and the aeonic fire. Practicing in accord with people and circumstances. Allowing dynamic change, creativity, within karmic conditions and interdependence.
Source: City Center original tape. Verbatim transcript by Bill Redican (8/3/01). *** File name: 66-08-19-C: This fascicle of [Shōbōgenzō] (titled by pf) (Verbatim) slow Changed "your are born" to "you are born" 2-21-2016 dc.