Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-3?

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara on Saturday, October 25, 1969 -- (Series 3, Talk 3)
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Audio does not match transcript for this date. Unable to find transcript with these first words. Is this missing 69-10-24 tape? Cassettes may thus not match content of 00039 reel
1This lecture is tentatively numbered Lecture 4. No tape for a lecture on October 24, 1969 (which would have been Lecture 3), is known to exist. In this present lecture,Suzuki three times refers to a lecture or discussion of the previous night and once to October 24th, but once to his previous lecture (i.e., not necessarily the 24th). So the tape of that lecture may or may not have existed at some time, but it has not as yet been identified.