Lay Ordination Ceremony

Given by Suzuki Roshi at City Center on Sunday, August 23, 1970
About this talk
Sunday, August 23, 1970 San Francisco [Zen Center records indicate that this lay ordination was performed on August 23, 1970. Among the 36 ordainees were Carl Bielefeldt, DC, Katherine Thanas, Jerome Peterson, and Yvonne Rand. The original tape was labeled 7/23/70, but August is correct, confirmed on the back of DC's rakusu in SR's own hand.] [Sound Problem: Tape operator (possibly Yvonne Rand): First part of Suzuki's address here is inaudible on the original tape.]
Source: Original tape transcribed by Bill Redican (28 June 2000). The second part of this lecture was printed in an edited form in Wind Bell, Fall-Winter 1970-71, Vol. IX, No. 3-4, p. 9-11. Sound problem: Level and quality of the original tape are very poor. This lecture should be audio-enhanced if possible. *** File name: 70-08-23: Lay Ordination Ceremony (Verbatim) [No verbatim transcript available. (Sound problem.)] Second part of this lecture is the same as 70-08-25-B (ID=392), which is now hidden - pf.