Interview of Suzuki by Peter Schneider

Given by Suzuki Roshi on Tuesday, September 16, 1969 -- (IB)
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Entered onto disk by DC 1996 or so Revised by Bill Redican 9/01 [I dated this 69-11-09 to go with other Peter Schneider interview and lecture of that date. Transcription was difficult with much time spent making sure -- or maybe that was just ps-sr-int-1. Suggest to read edited versions where I spent a lot of time trying to make sense of some sections and organizing the information more logically. -- DC-3-09]
I think 69-11-09 above is a typo based on the other file names - SDH ______________ This transcript is based on a hand-corrected typescript, not the original tape. Minor differences may exist between this transcript and the hand-typed one. *** File name: 69-09-16-IB: Interview of Suzuki by Peter Schneider (Not Verbatim) Changed "McNeil" to "McNeill" 12-2016, DC. Where is the audio? -pf. Changed Marion to Marian and Brackett to Burkett 1-16-2015. Removed "Circa 1968–1969" from top notes; changed "Yaesu" to "Yaizu"; "Ordained thirty" to "Ordained thirteen" 3-6-2015 by DC.