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Wandering Away from Our Original Home in Search of Our Original Home

Obstacles, Don't Know Mind, Daily Life, Silence, Zendo, Priest
Aug 10 2019
No Abode Hermitage

Guidance or Control

Control is antithetical to enlightenment; NASA control center and GPS guidance systems; granddaughter's pacifier

Birth-and-Death, difficulty, Describe, Transmission, Zendo, American, Patience...
Feb 03 2018
No Abode Hermitage

Zen Meditation as the Bodhisattva Precepts

Compassion, Wisdom, Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Zazen, Sanctuary, Zendo, Observe...
Oct 11 2014
No Abode Hermitage

Sitting in the Big, Invisible World

Zazen, Priest, Suzuki Roshi, practicing generosity, Continuous, Zendo, Patience...
Jun 22 2013
No Abode Hermitage

The Bodhisattva's Mind of No Abode 

The Bodhisattva’s Mind of No Abode
Tenshin Reb Anderson
No Abode, Sept 1, 2012 PM

Religion, Four Noble Truths, Zendo, Attachment, Chanting, Don't Know Mind,...
Sep 01 2012
No Abode Hermitage


Precepts, Ordination, Soto Zen, Vows, Fundraising, Zendo, soto, Lay, Oneness, zen...
Aug 02 2012


Bodhidharma, Teacher-and-Student, Dharma Transmission, Subject-and-Object, Ego,...
Aug 01 2012

Embracing the Mahayana: Do You Want to be an Artist? 

Lotus Sutra, Interview, Karmic Consciousness, Heart Sutra, Suzuki Roshi, Birth-and-...
Jul 16 2011
No Abode Hermitage


Serial: EB-00226

Joining the Tassajara practice period; reminiscences of the first Tassajara practice period; kitchen practice and the Tenzokyokun;

Practice Period, Ordinary Mind, Zendo, Emotions, Priest, Ceremony, Interview, Zazen,...
Nov 02 2010

Facing the Wall for Nine Years 

Lotus Sutra, Attachment, true dharma, Zendo, Confession-and-Repentance, Impermanence...
Sep 18 2010
No Abode Hermitage


Serial: EB-00230

Being a child in an orphanage; learning to meditate; sitting with negative tendencies; five fears outlined by Buddha;

Demons, Zendo, Tassajara, Religion, Zazen, Sanctuary, Karma, resistance, Observe,...
Aug 25 2010


Serial: EB-00231

Impossible to keep everybody happy with style of teaching; story of coming to Tassajara in 1966; fundraising for the monastery; not hiding negative parts of personality; the...

realization, Practice Period, Delusion, Beginners, New Year, Desire, Lineage, Zendo,...
May 11 2010


Serial: EB-00228AA

Release of a new cookbook; being in a movie; intimacy with ingredients; sharing food can be sharing love.

Birth-and-Death, Mindfulness, Culture, Emotions, Intimacy, Transmission, Sanctuary,...
Oct 09 2009


Forgiveness, Desire, Lotus Sutra, Zendo, Buddha Ancestors, Addiction, true dharma,...
May 02 2008
Minnesota Zen Center


Four Noble Truths, Don't Know Mind, Samsara, Buddha Ancestors, difficulty, Fox,...
Jan 23 2008


true dharma, Zendo, Lineage, Freedom, Meditation
Jan 23 2008


Dependent Origination, Zendo, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Happiness, Demons, Observe,...
Jan 20 2008


Mill Valley, War, Sutra, Bowing, Zazen, Freedom, Rumi, Passions, Zendo, Building...
Oct 07 2007


Zendo, Desire, Chanting, Rumi, Equanimity, Separation, Posture, Community, Balance,...
Jan 21 2007


Repentance, Confession-and-Repentance, Faith, Non-duality, lecture, Tassajara, Zendo...
Nov 11 2006


Culture, Ordinary Mind, Doubt, Gratitude, Lay, Zendo, Balance, War, Building, Peace...
Jul 16 2006

The Great Matter

Serial: SF-00085

How awareness of death, and our own mortality, spurs us to greater effort in practice.

Birth-and-Death, Suzuki Roshi, Impermanence, Gratitude, Heart Sutra, Ceremony,...
Mar 11 2006
City Center

Practice Period

Serial: SF-00034

Origins of PP, meaning of 'ango'; Dogen's essay; resistance; hermit Jim; Rumi poems.

Practice Period, Buddha Ancestors, Zazen, Tassajara, resistance, Bell, Duality,...
Feb 19 2006


Wisdom, Buddha Nature, training, Desire, conversation, Evil, Big Mind, Liberation,...
Aug 18 2005


Ceremony, Desire, Peace, Big Mind, Freedom, Observe, realization, Diversity, Zendo,...
Nov 07 2004


Ceremony, Desire, Peace, Big Mind, Freedom, Observe, realization, Diversity, Zendo...
Nov 07 2004

Buddha Nature and the Ugly Duckling

Serial: SF-00056

Zendo lecture; feeling of not fitting in and not belonging that sends us towards spiritual practice.

Lotus Sutra, Buddha Nature, Ego, Delusion, training, Precepts, stubbornness, Posture...
Nov 06 2004