Continuing The Lecture on Shi-sho-ku

Given by Suzuki Roshi on Monday, June 12, 1967
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Sunday Lecture Monday, June 12, 1967
Day and date discrepancy in description - SDH --- Source: Original transcript by Steve Weintraub, 8/28/69. City Center transcript entered onto disk by Jose Escobar, 1997. Slight copy-editing by Bill Redican (11/26/01). This transcript is a retyping of the existing City Center transcript. It is not verbatim. The audio tape is not available. 1From DC, Crooked Cucumber, p. 28: “Don't commit adultery, Crooked Cucumber!” Shunryu had been admiring an old tea bowl, and that is how So-on told him not to be so attached to fine things. He used that metaphor a lot with the boy, who had good taste in antiques and craftsmanship. Shunryu found it funny, because there were no women living in the temple, but that wasn't the point. It was not that Shunryu shouldn't appreciate beauty, just that he shouldn't be caught by it.” *** File name: 67-06-12: continue the lecture about Shi-sho-ku (titled by pf) (Not Verbatim) Changed "insect pr any" to "insect or any" 3-3-2015 by DC.